Friday, April 6, 2018

Amazing Acts of God's Holy Spirit

According to the Bible, most of the world has no clue about who God really is and how God really works (especially note verse 14 in that link). In that assessment, God includes some very religious people and folks from all walks of life.

By contrast, if you want to see, scripturally, how amazingly God works in and through the lives of those who have accepted God's Christ (or shall yet choose Him), may I suggest reading Acts 7:1 through Acts 9:31, where you'll see the trial, confession, and stoning of Stephen, and the persecution of biblical Christians by the zealous Saul, who witnessed Stephen's testimony and death. Later, Saul would be called by the risen Christ to repent and serve Jesus in truth, in repentance and faith becoming Paul, an apostle, instead of continuing to live in religious error and missing God's goal for Saul/Paul's life.

The above passages lead to two huge questions that the world, the devil, and our own flesh want us to avoid facing:
2) How can I be assured of God's only plan of salvation?

IF we really want and seek God's truth, God's Holy Spirit can and will guide us to accept God's truth in God's biblical answers, for those always lead us to the eternal choice of whether we are willing to accept and receive the living Christ of God and His salvation.

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