Friday, May 13, 2016

Federal I.C.E. Program Out of Control

May 12, 2016 the NBC  Connecticut 11:15 PM TV news carried a serious investigative article about how a woman was mauled, in Connecticut, by a green card immigrant, and that he did a plea bargain that reduced his sentence. When he got out of prison he showed up on her doorstep, again, instead of I.C.E. doing its job of deporting him immediately, even though his crimes mandate that he be deported according to I.C.E. regulations. The neglectful and dawdling manner in which that I.C.E. case has been handled typifies the hateful and disrespectful attitude that the present political regime has for the citizens of our Nation. Wake up USA! You need to return to the God of the Bible and to our Constitution, or things are going to get a lot worse very fast if you elect another or more liberal socialistic politicians. We cannot afford another Obama or another Clinton in the White House. We must stand for and on the Principles on which our Nation is supposed to be building the future. We must live and defend our Constitution and all godly principles as laid out in the Bible.

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