Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election Win Yields No Mandate: Where Can We Find Healing?

Election 2016 results are still being counted, but, Clinton has called Trump to concede the election, AND all news services say that Trump and the Republican Party have won this 2016 election. The key concept to grasp is that there is NO CLEAR MANDATE for either political party. The mandate is to be found in the questions about what has driven the voters to elect Donald Trump despite all the promises and flattery of voters by the opposition. Now, that foundational groundswell that developed the "movement" among the citizens of this nation, that same impetus that has propelled Trump into the seat of President-elect, must now get to work in a manner that will fulfill its promises. That groundswell was founded in the social, moral, spiritual, and economic dissatisfactions among our citizens. Now, where shall the citizens of our nation choose to turn to accomplish that mission? Upon what vast resources shall our nation call to get the job done, of repairing many decades of moral and spiritual decay and failed social and financial programs?

Around 03:30 this morning, Clinton called Trump to concede the election, after which Trump gave a very gracious 'thank you, and let's get to work' speech. The election results are encouraging for some and discouraging for others (in the worldly political sense), but, the ballot numbers do NOT demonstrate a clear political mandate for anything. There is only a slim Republican majority in the House and Senate, and an almost equal split in the popular vote. Those numbers shows this blogger that the voters of these United States of America are deeply divided in our opinions about what to do and how to do "it". THAT numerical divisiveness begs the question that God raises in the Bible (Amos 3:3), "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?"

The election result numbers should be a wakeup call regarding our moral, spiritual, practical, financial, and intellectual differences. As of this writing, at 1144 hours, the day after the 2016 election, Clinton has received a scant majority of the popular vote and Trump has won the electoral vote by a relatively small margin. We could argue over whether one candidate was elected or the other repudiated, but, that is moot. That close a vote, in the electoral and popular ballot counts, clearly exposes the rift in our nation. Do we remember the old aphorism, "United we stand. Divided we fall." The world is watching and hungry for a piece of this "American Pie". The world is both fearful of and drooling over us, as they wait to see what we, now, choose to do, and whether we shall allow ourselves to reconcile as "one nation under God". The question that we must ask ourselves is, shall we choose God, or some other god?

In his early morning speech, acknowledging his win, President-elect Donald Trump graciously saluted his opponent and then called for healing and reconciliation in our nation, so that we can all begin to work together to "fix" our nation. Yes, we need to "fix" things with each other, BUT, what we desperately need, even more than reconciliation with each other, is "repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ", and THEN to put godly faith in action doing the things that God wants us to do.

Sadly, too many voters, citizens, and guests, in our nation, are looking for an earthly savior to justify themselves and protect their favorite sins. Without nationwide repentance there will only be deeper divides and further chaos. God bless you to seek God's solutions for our nation and His only hope and promise for your eternity. 

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