Saturday, October 11, 2014

We Hereby Determine

We Hereby Determine 

By Craig M. Szwed 

There has been an increasing amount of victim-like fear, anger, frustration, dismay, and feelings of loss expressed, concerning the ongoing battle over Human Rights in our Nation, especially with regard to our First and Second Amendment Rights. Our Right to responsible free speech and our Right to responsibly bear the arms of our choice throughout our travels have both been severely curtailed through a variety of governmental mechanisms, and over many decades. We could argue many salient points about how or why this has happened, but, let's focus, instead, on what you and I can do right now to bolster the cause of our Constitution and what we can do in support of candidates and officials who agree with us. Many of us are deeply concerned.

Let us be clear. We are NOT VICTIMS of political circumstance.
We ARE CITIZENS of the United States of America. We MUST determine to NO LONGER submit ourselves to be victimized by men, governments, or the world system. We MUST determine, in our hearts, minds, and spirits, to think and act as the free citizens of this Nation, which we are, bound only to God, our Creator, whom the Bible says is the Lord Jesus Christ. We MUST bow ONLY in deference to Him and to our founding Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights, that our Creator has given to us by the hand of our Founding Fathers. Amen.

Therefore, We Hereby Determine, in the Interest of the Support and Defense of Our Natural Inalienable Rights, and our Nation under God and constitutional government, that,

1. We can, and need to, personally resolve to be willing to stick out our necks the way that our Founders did. If we do not have that kind of commitment then we are adding to the burdens of those who are willing to support and defend our Constitution.

2. We can, and need to, personally, be willing to act in spite of any fear that we may feel. Courage is not the absence of fear but the willingness to do the right thing despite how we feel and despite the consequences. As the cliche' goes, "Freedom is not free."

3. We can research, find, and join with sound, responsible local and national groups that support our objective to support and defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

4. We can join more than one such organization, as the increased numbers of voices and focus groups not only encourage one another, but also amplify the voice of our mutual cause to politicians and officials currently in power or running for office.

5. We can contribute financially to one or more of the groups that we have found constitutionally sound, whether we have joined them or not. The more cash that is in the treasuries of Constitution supporting and defending organizations and candidates, the more positive impact they will have to ward off the attacks of the Constitution destroyers.

6. We can make one-time or regular donations to the Constitution defense groups and candidates with which we agree. They are always grateful for the help. Committing ourselves to being regular financial supporters of our constitutional cause means that more money can go toward doing the work of protecting our Constitution, and less money is needed to solicit help.

7. We can commit to being willing to risk ourselves by asking those around us how they feel and what they think about the constitutional crisis in our respective states and Nation, and open ourselves to discuss the issues factually, sanely, and respectfully, without getting into senseless and wasteful arguments. Being sane and respectful, we know when to walk away from a fight, that we may "live to fight another day", as the saying goes.

8. We can donate not only our financial treasures to the cause of defending our Constitution, but also our time and talents. The volunteer work that we do well is a treasure to the organizations and candidates that we support. Not only have we saved our Constitution defense groups and candidates money, but our work and presence bolsters them, their leadership, and emboldens them to take stronger stands and measures for our Rights, that we all seek to preserve.

9. We can communicate, write, call, and fax our government officials and officers, as well as news and opinion media, and social media, plainly and factually stating our case, without rancor, in bold defense of our Constitution. When we express our will to resist the destruction of our Constitution, the attackers, or their staff, must stop their destruction long enough to make some small effort to respond to each of us. Our individual engaging, holding, and delaying actions can have significant cumulative effects in critical political cases and times. Don't give up!! Be of a sound mind and heart!! No matter what the response of government officials, our efforts are NEVER in vain, no matter how we like or dislike the official answers. We must do right, and we must determine to be hardheaded in the truth, for the truth is NOT FOR SALE. The truth is not subject to negotiation, neither are our Rights.

10. We can display the truth on our clothing, our real estate, and our vehicles, symbols, sayings, and signs that point people to the truth, and their need to support and defend our Constitution. Whether we display group or candidate signs, hats, T-shirts, flags, yard signs, or whatever, remember that our objective is NOT to scare people into submission but to educate them and confirm to them that we are exercizing the Inalienable Rights guaranteed to us by our Founding Documents; that we are affirming the inalienable nature of those Rights, even as we respect the constitutional Rights of those who oppose us.

11. We can and must support all constitutionally-minded candidates, especially those who have publically articulated that they support and defend our Constitution. We can and must support those same candidates with our actions, our words, and our checkbooks. Those candidates and officials who have stuck out their own necks in support and defense of our Constitution deserve our full and unashamed backing and comradrie. To borrow from Ben Franklin, if those who seek to destroy the Constitution try to hang all Constitution defenders together, the load will be too great on their hangman's noose and will cause their rope to break.

Although everyone does not have the same means or abilities, EVERY U.S. CITIZEN CAN  DO SOMETHING USEFUL to serve and defend our Constitution. Whatever we do, some aspect of it needs to be done every day, for active responsible citizens are the ONLY constitutional defense of our citizens, families, towns, states, and Nation.

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