Friday, October 31, 2014

Guns, Motor Vehicles, Stop Signs, & Doctors

By Craig M. Szwed

Most people, who have any common sense at all, recognize that there are numerous other people and groups that seek to deprive most of us of our natural, and constitutional, Right to arm and defend ourselves against all manner of infringements against our natural Rights. In these United States of America, we are currently in an urgent battle to oust from power those who seek to deprive us of our Rights that have been enumerated so clearly in our Constitution. Sadly, there is also a third element of individuals and groups in this struggle.
That latter amalgamation follows after or encourages the anti-Rights position, because of fear, or lack of knowledge, or lack of understanding of the facts or issues at hand, or that tertiary group just wants to be part of the ruling powers. Too often those who more openly attack our Rights are able to sway the opinion and votes of the latter group through fear-mongering, threats, self-serving promises, bribes, or outright lies or misrepresentations of partial truths. 

One such misrepresentation that is used by the anti-Rights crowd is their claim that guns are dangerous in and of themselves, as if guns have minds, feeling, and wills of their own, or that guns might get up and fire themselves at selected targets, without having, first, had any human direction. The anti-gun crowd talks about firearms as if firearms have the ability to direct their own destinies. Now, any rational and sane person KNOWS that such a misrepresentation of inanimate objects is nonsense. Firearms are NOT people, and they are not alive. Firearms do NOT have minds nor wills of their own. Without HUMAN direction, for good or evil, firearms cannot think about what or whom to destroy or PROTECT. Firearms, by definition, are a tool that can be used for EITHER good or evil, DEPENDING ON THE INTENT of the HUMAN USER. In many respects firearms are tools with characteristics very much like motor vehicles and stop signs.

Motor vehicles provide housing for the homeless, also a means of securing our living, securing food, providing security, defense, or escape from danger, or people can use them as instruments of cruelty, brutality, or death. The use of ALL motor vehicles depends on the intent and will of the operator, no matter whether that vehicle is a Moped or a huge three-trailer semi-truck. Firearms are no different. Without human intent, will, and ability, motor vehicles and firearms can do NOTHING on their own. We use our self-operated motor vehicles to afford us all manner of good things that are lawful and needful, as we can also do with firearms, the greatest of which is protection. Only people with mal-intent use either for bad purposes. THE KEY is INTENT.

Stop signs provide us with a similar comparison from the legal warning side of this discussion. Stop signs are in and of themselves a tool of Law, planted in a specific location, to alert us and protect us regarding imminent danger that lies beyond. We MUST be cognizant of that law and its function, and if we, and others, do not heed stop sign warnings, but rather proceed without honoring that sign of the Law of Protection, we endanger ourselves, or others endanger us. Stop signs can also be experienced by pedestrians and drivers as inappropriate, threatening, a nuisance, something to be ignored, something to be feared, or taken down BY SOMEONE and used as weapons against property or persons. BUT, AGAIN, the issue is not one of stop signs pulling themselves out of the ground to neglect their duty or attack people, but of people violating the INTENDED APPROPRIATE function of the stop sign, as a constructive tool… and, it is a tool that humans normally use and obey, a means that we manipulate for the communication of warning and protection of ourselves and other people. We use stop signs to set standards and protect us, just as we can use firearms for the same good purposes, to set boundaries and protect us against evil and violence perpetrated by others against us.. Only people with bad intentions use either for bad purposes… again, THE KEY is INTENT.

Too many people attack the tool, firearms, claiming that firearms abuses are the fault of the tool rather than caused by faulty or evil human intent. Yet, those same people who attack firearms do NOT blame motor vehicles for all the human caused death and destruction associated with motor vehicles. Drivers who operate motor vehicles, and cause them to crash, are the ones who bear the responsibility and shame of causing a crash, whether the drivers’ intent was deliberate or of neglect. As most readers already know, anti-Rights, anti-firearms people do NOT apply the same standard to firearms, even though many more people are harmed by motor vehicles. Anti-Rights people are more interested in controlling gun owners than they are in calling a criminal or insane person to task for the inappropriate use of firearms. Anti-Rights people do NOT hold themselves, nor criminals, to the same standard that they hold law-abiding gun owners. For them, law-abiding citizens are easy pickings, easy to blame and easy to threaten, because we respect Law and seek Order in our society, because we are usually the first to comply with good Law and slow to react to bad Law. Those who attack law-abiding citizens and our Constitution are self-serving cowards and hypocrites who hide behind the ignorant, the weak, the poor, and the fearful in our society. Such elitist manipulators do NOT deserve to be in the respective offices of government in our Land.

The bottom line is that as U.S. citizens, we need to oust from public offices, all those who oppose and attack the Rights that our Constitution guarantees to U.S. citizens.

Readers might be interested in the following links and notes: 

U.S. death rates, by cause of death, CDC info. Firearms deaths are NOT even listed among the leading causes of death, among all citizens in 2011. 

World Life Expectancy Rankings stats about life expectancy in the USA. Ranked by gender, age, and by cause of death. (On this link be sure to click the ‘both’ button in the gender column, and then the ‘all ages’ button to the left, in order to have a clearer idea of the cause of death ranking for all US citizens.) 

Motor vehicle deaths, by year. Look how high these numbers are, yet no one in politics is banning cars or trucks due to all those traffic related deaths. 

Crashes associated with stop signs, 70% of which were due to stop sign law violations. The number of crashes, injuries, and deaths at stop signs are incredible, but no politicians are outlawing stop signs OR making it illegal to stop at intersections.

…and then,… if readers are REALLY worried about death or injury, look at what medical doctors and drugs are doing to patients! Instead of doctors and politicians being against firearms, U.S. citizens should be holding politicians’ and doctors’ feet to the fire of moral, social, and constitutional accountability!! According to this and other sources, doctors cause about SIXTY-FOUR (64) TIMES MORE DEATHS than are caused by misuse of firearms. Given the heated and urgent political uproar against firearms, IF those who want to control firearms are REALLY interested in saving lives and stopping suffering, then they should, FIRST, be spending 64 times more money, time, and effort to defrock, ban, and severely regulate doctors, rather than wasting everyone’s time and money attacking, banning, severely regulating, and infringing on constitutional Rights of law-abiding citizens and our firearms. 

VOTE AGAINST officials and candidates
who undermine our Constitution:
They destroy our Rights, and
destroy our towns, states, & Nation.

On EVERY Election Day
Be positive! 
who support our constitutional RIGHTS.

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