Wednesday, October 29, 2014

In this election year, ONE THING stands out above all other things.

By Craig M. Szwed

In this election year, ONE THING stands out above all other things. Despite all the money donated, promises made, lies told, mud-slinging done, bribery attempted, honest answers given, hard work accomplished, phone calls made, doors knocked on, smiles, anxiety, handshakes, fear, hope, babies kissed, truths exposed, dirty tricks played on opponents, and behind the scenes deals made…. ABOVE ALL those things that have been done by political opponents, and their supporters, on all sides of every political issue, as we all attempt to have our choice of candidates win this year’s elections, ...the MOST IMPORTANT single issue, on which this election hinges,
  is personal repentance toward God.

Without personal repentance toward God we cannot expect, nor does He owe us, His blessing, no matter how hard we wish, hope, or pray. Without personal repentance we will have said to God that we only want what we want and He can go do His own business elsewhere. On the other hand, IF we repent, that is, agree with Him about what is good and evil, and put our personal repentance into actions that honor Him, God can and will begin to work in us and with us as His children, by faith. If the reader is puzzled or angered by this truth from God's Word, please take a few minutes to see what He says about repentance, before making one's final decision:

Once we turn to Him in repentance, His Light can and will show us the way in all things that please Him, by the grace and power of His Word and His Holy Spirit. Then we can base our decisions on God’s sense of right and wrong. Then we can see more clearly who is with God and who is working against God, based on His Word. 

If we do NOT base our decisions on God and His Word, then we have not repented, and therefore condemn ourselves to repeat the same sinful errors of history, that push us increasingly farther away from God and His ways. Let us, therefore, return to God and do things His way, that we may rejoice in godly outcomes that this election can bring, as He answers our prayers for godly leadership throughout every town, state, our nation.

God bless you as you seek Him in and through His Word: Psalm 138:2, “I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.”

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