Friday, September 4, 2015

Discover Who Starts Trouble & Stop Their Evil

First, it was the Ferguson riots, then Baltimore, then provocative executions of people in church. Now there have been outright executions of police officers, with some groups, with evil intent, calling for more of the same violence. Don't tell me that there aren't people trying to ferment a revolution to overthrow our Constitution and Nation! ...and guess what!! The violence is NOT being perpetrated by all the millions of gun-owning law-abiding citizens, nor by their firearms or ammunition!!

I just got an email from Star Parker (CURE) that seeks to educate US citizens and leaders about what she and others are calling Liberal-backed executions of police officers, and I quote:

"We've watched several murders in the so-called name of race within the past few days. This includes an officer who was shot execution-style in Texas.
"Incredibly, leftist activists marched the next day and called on more police killings. They also took credit for the police officer's cold-blooded murder! We must act, right now!
"That's why I am calling our black pastors to Washington DC on September 14-16. I want members of Congress to hear from real Americans who live in black communities -- not George Soros' radical activists who burn our cities, ruin lives, and run away.

Parker is NOT the only one raising alarms about orchestrated violence in our society. I urge all citizens to get educated about the violent attacks that are being launched against our society. Those attacks become personal to anyone who is injured or killed. The instigators are using the same kinds of tactics that revolutionary provocateurs did at the start of the Russian and Chinese Revolutions, and that Hitler's henchmen used, name-calling, segregation, public humiliation, and violence.

These attacks are NOT being committed by the likes of ISIS terrorists, though I'm sure that ISIS is cheering. The executions of police officers are being credited to groups like "Black Lives Matter", which are evidently a blend of anarchists, socialists, liberals, and progressives, who back the hit-and-run groups cited in the following link:

I know a lot of people who understand a great deal about the current times in which we live. BUT, there are also a LOT of people who deny the gravity and significance of all these events. Too many souls continue to live with their heads in the sand, fearfully or wishfully trying to make believe that they will somehow be spared if they ignore the chaos. 

The citizens of these United States of America CANNOT afford to ignore this stuff. We CANNOT afford to avoid dealing head-on with all these horrific events. We CANNOT afford to remain in our daily ruts without actively engaging those who seek to tear down our Nation. Those who attack us have started this war with evil intent, and with violent means. They have assaulted, burned out, and executed citizens of our Nation. All of their assaults are intolerable.

It is the spiritual and moral duty of every soul to resist evil and to do good. It is the civic duty of every citizen of this Nation, to support and defend our Constitution, which includes supporting and defending our fellow citizens. Anything less than putting those moral and constitutional principles into daily practice amounts to dereliction of duty. 

Every citizen can do SOMETHING constructive to resist evil AND to defend our Constitution. We, the citizens of these United States of America, are NOT stupid, nor unable to comprehend truth. Therefore, let's ALL GET BUSY and pick one thing that we each, individually, can do best with our talents, to resist evil and to support our Constitution. This is NOT about making the USA into a theocracy, but about doing right, in God's eyes, instead of doing evil. If we fail to do what is right, then we shall not only lose the blessings that He has given us here in the USA, but we shall have failed eternally in our moral mission as human beings. If we live in paralyzing fear that keeps us from acting constructively, then we have already defeated and executed ourselves.

Especially, to those of us who say that we believe in God and His salvation, He says, in 2 Timothy 1:7, "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." IF we fail to act on His promises, in which we claim to believe, then we insult Him, and thereby condemn our fear and our lack of action. Let us, therefore, live and act in His Light.

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