Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Pop News Glosses Over Iranian Anti-Israel Pseudo-prophecy

I am NOT going to rehash thousands of years of history and Bible prophecy, but it is EXTREMELY noteworthy that, in the shadow of the Obama-Iran nuclear negotiations, and the start of U.S. Senate hearings about it, that the Iranian Leader Khomeini proclaimed pseudo-prophetically that Israel will not survive the next 25 years.

OOPS!! He goofed! Obviously Khomeini does not believe the God of the Bible nor God's promises to preserve Israel until God puts all Creation to the torch (as Peter mentions in one of his letters). I'll leave it up to you to find those references for yourself, this time.

Anyone paying attention to the Bible and current events should see Khomeini's comments as an outright invitation to all those who the Bible says will eventually gather themselves together to rid the world of Israel, at the Battle of the Valley of Armageddon. The thing is, Jesus Christ Himself shall return to win THAT war FOR ISRAEL. The very word that Christ shall speak against Israel's attackers shall slaughter the attacking hordes of all the antisemitic worldly governments. The totality of that defense of Israel shall be so complete that the blood of the attackers is going to run through and fill that valley as deep as a horse's bridle. This is NO JOKE, for God has said that it shall happen.

Gird yourselves, my friends, in body, mind, and spirit, for the Iranians, at the weakness of Obama's negotiations, have thrown down the gauntlet, an open challenge to Israel, and to all haters of Israel. Be ready. Be sure you are saved the way that God says you need to be saved BEFORE Jesus comes. The coming battles shall ONLY be won in Spirit and Truth, not with the fleshly weapons of war. Yes, that is all in the Bible, also.

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