Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Islamic Nuclear Treaty Leader Dodges Interview Questions About Jihad

Ok, folks... I know I'm getting up in years, and I may not be as sharp a tack as I once was...
...during the 60 Minutes interview with Iranian leader Rouhani, telecast September 20, 2015, didn't it seem like Rouhani made an extra special effort to dodge every question that had anything to do with jihad?! ...especially as jihad has been focused and directed against the USA...


Islam has been trying to gain religious and political supremacy over EVERYONE for a LONG time. How is it that so many non-Islamic people, especially in "politically correct" circles here in the USA, seem to be making an extra effort to ignore the fact of Islam's centuries long, almost eons long, spiritual, religious, and secular war on virtually everyone around them. Don't take my word for it.


There is ONLY ONE WAY OUT of this mess before it becomes a total melee.

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