Saturday, November 14, 2015

Does USA Really Want To Be Like Paris?

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris prove that President Obama and many others are poor judges of history, as well as poor judges of the social and political troubles in these present times. Our President can be seen, in news replays, offering condolences and support to the grieving citizens of Paris, who were brutally attacked by terrorists, this week. But, at the same time, President Obama continues to cry out for disarmament of law-abiding citizens in the USA. His mouth is running, but he, and other anti-gunners, are WAY out of touch with the verities of life, our Constitution, and the truth and consequences of moral right and wrong. "Yes, Virginia" there really is evil in this world!

Let there be no mistake, mass murder and terrorism are wrong wherever they happen. But, the bald-faced reality is that police and military personnel cannot be everywhere to protect every citizen all the time. Mass murders and terrorist attacks prove themselves to be, once again, solid justification for citizens to responsibly arm themselves with weapons of their own choosing.

Law-abiding citizens in France might well have been able to act in mutual and self-defense to more quickly abbreviate the terrorists' attacks IF the citizens had been allowed to commonly carry weapons for self-defense. But, the truth is that French anti-gun laws are even more strict than those of NYC, NY. Take away people's means of self-preservation and the lawlessness of evil is eager to step into the void and perpetrate violence against the basically unprotected masses of unarmed people, who simply try to get along with each other. Excessive government has proven, once again, that excessive regulation does NOT protect citizens, but rather hampers law-abiding citizens from achieving mutual and self-defense.

Listen to Obama's own comments, only a few months ago, in an anti-firearms polemic, where he dramatically alleged that nothing like the violence of this recent French tragedy ever happens outside the USA. This President is a total embarrassment to our Nation.

Stand up, my fellow citizens, for your constitutional and biblical rights and responsibilities, before those who hate such things have stripped and bound you and the rest of us completely, leading us all to their slaughterhouse.

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