Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Want To Save Our Nation?

I understand that some folks agree with me and some do not. What is important is whether we each agree with God and His Word. I trust God to sort out the differences among us as we each learn to submit ourselves to the LORD's Supreme Authority.

For many decades I have written, in various venues, about the foundationally urgent biblical mandate that every soul must come to accept and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ, IF one desires to have godly salvation, purpose, peace, and power in this life, as well as in the next life. As one preacher quoted to me, recently, "For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ." Every plan in life must start with Jesus Christ, if we expect to see it bear godly fruit. Most of the Founders of our Nation understood that truth, and a careful perusal of their writings will affirm that.
As we look at our Nation's Constitution and the most recent 100+ years of attacks against our Second Amendment rights, it becomes obvious that fearful people, lustful power-brokers, and evil elements of society are really the flip-flop sides of the same flesh-minted coin. Their lack of faith in and obedience to God demonstrate that they place their trust in things other than God's Word, as they try to circumvent what He has already provided for us. Living in fear and lust are not of God. Perpetrating evil upon others is not of God. What is of God is godly law, order, obedience, justice, kindness, decency, loving self-sacrifice of our lives for those around us, and a healthy admiration, fear, love, and respect for God and his Word, the Bible.
When and if our attempts to resist evil are based on our human inclinations, emotions, politics, fleshly desires or preferences, or any other worldly thing, then that is what Jesus called building on unstable sand. That unstable worldly planning and action are not of God, and are therefore doomed to failure. Those sandy bases of operation belong to the lustful, the evil doers, and to fearful people, alike. 

By contrast, those who truly despise evil and wish to combat it must do as God says, and for the same reasons that God says to fight evil. However, IF we do not ground ourselves in the truth of God, to yield ourselves to Him so that we can learn to deliberately and consistently see and do things His way, then we leave ourselves open to the same earthly failures as the evil doers and the fearful among us.
Worldly, lustful, fearful, anti-Bible, anti-responsibility, and anti-rights people, including many in government, are ignorant of God's Word that mandates the responsibility of government to exact justice for victims and to execute justice on evil doers, which further exposes their willfulness or plain ignorance in which they even dare to reject God's mandated death penalty for various crimes and behaviors. 

Our society is in this present mess because too many individuals have rejected God and His mandates for too long. God has always required that any person who aspires to see our homes, towns, cities, states, and Nation brought to real domestic tranquility must believe, accept, embrace, and adhere to doing what God says we must do, and how we must do those things. The articulation, support, and defence of our Constitution is no exception to this mandate.  Let's not be ignorant of the fact that our Creator is named in our Founding Documents, for these very reasons. Although some of our Founders may have signed those august Documents with a degree of spiritual superstition, many among them firmly believed every word of God's Bible, on which our Nation and our Founding Documents are based.
In order for modernists to excuse their rejection of historical or biblical truth, many, today, argue that we are in a different time or place than our forebears, arguing that time requires that we ignore the past in order to be able to seize our present or future. Nothing could be farther from God's truth. Such clever detractors think that by their fancy words they can somehow exempt themselves from their accountability to God or our Constitution. 

Yet, despite those attackers' desires, God and His Word are not changed, nor shall they be, for God says that He and His Word are unto all generations (whether our Constitution is allowed to continue or not). God always keeps His promises, whether we admit it, or like it, or not. In God's eyes, His standards and expectations for us, today, are no different than what He has wanted for people throughout all the ages, for God has always been in the business of trying to get us to turn to Him in order that we might be saved from our sin, saved from our natural inclination to self-centered rebellion against God, by which people justify their own rejection of God's Christ and therefore reject God's salvation.

IF, therefore, there are any among us who desire to see our Nation live by godly and constitutional principles, then we must set our own lives in order with God and His Christ and start doing and proving all things, prayerfully, by God's Word. If we refuse to accept or to do things God's way, then we shall have already joined in unholy fellowship and practice with those evil forces which we profess to dislike or against which we claim to fight. Let us not follow or do as the world does, for whenever we rebel like that against God, we condemn ourselves to the same worldly strife and consequences as those whom we say we oppose. As God's Word says, that which is not of God is of the world, and those who would be friends with the world are enemies of God. The choice is ours, starting with His plan of salvation, for if we reject God's salvation plan then we have pulled the rug out from under ourselves and wasted our lives, for "all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags". Therefore, let us not despise that which He alone has done to set us free.

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