Monday, November 2, 2015

"60 Minutes" Smart Gun Report 11.01.2015

While almost any discussion of firearms tends to raise many or most people's hackles (for one reason or another), this blogger must acknowledge and salute the 60 Minutes TV reporting team for their respectful and even-handed inquiry and programming on November 1st, 2015, in which they broached the topic of smart guns. Before readers start hollering at me, please look up that story:

The "smart gun" technology doesn't bother me if some firearms owners want to own or use them, though, personally, I have no use for auto-locking firearms, for a host of practical, safety, and defense  reasons with which I'll not afflict the reader.

What should alarm all citizens is that, in typical anti-gun illogic (that ignores the reality that outlaws do not care about laws), the reported, exposed boldness of the N.J. law mandated that all N.J. firearms sales should be forced to revert to "smart gun" technology IF even one "smart gun" happened to be purchased by any customer in any state in the USA... if I understand the implications of that law correctly. 60 Minutes was careful to speak with the N.J. lawmaker who is now considering repealing her proscriptive "smart gun" law, since her law has backfired and stirred a tremendous groundswell against the technology. Despite the backfire and the lawmaker's reconsideration of the "wisdom" of that law, the specter remains of the potential future passage of more such laws, which are not beyond the intent or reach of certain "politically correct" elements in society that neither honor nor respect our Constitution, free will, or the basic human rights of self determination, personal responsibility, and defense of self and loved ones.

And speaking of free will and human rights, my last major concern is that so many violent threats were made against the gun store owner when he was simply looking to ply his trade and offer customers something different. If eons of weapons customers had not come to embrace changing technologies then we all would still be throwing rocks at our targets. Granted, as I understand it, the sale of one "smart gun", by that shop owner, would have activated the rule of N.J. law and done grievous injustice to law-abiding citizens and customers everywhere, not just in N.J. However, the misplaced anger and hatred that some have exhibited by raising deadly threats against an honest shopkeeper should better be redirected to reclaim and rebuild nationwide interest and respect for God's Word and our Constitution. IF we are going to educate the public and protect our constitutional rights then we need to put away bitterness and frustration and get busy working together to solve our nation's problems.

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