Monday, June 13, 2016

Another "Politically Correct" Candidate for President

With the horrible character, recorded deeds, and belief systems, of some people, like Hillary Clinton, who are running for President of these United States of America, it would NOT surprise me if the "politically correct" crowd also nominated this terrorist for the highest office in our land.

Remember that, just like Hillary Clinton, this terrorist has passed in-depth security and background checks far in excess of what the anti-gun crowd wants you and me to submit to!! AND...Look at all the respective damage that Clinton and this terrorist have each done, DESPITE all the supposed detailed government scrutiny of their respective backgrounds!!

"We, the People" have allowed, and even encouraged, the weasels of evil to drink the blood, and feast, to their hearts desire, in the hen-house of our Nation!

Citizens of these United States of America, we ALL urgently need to answer God's call to repent of our personal and collective sin, or the Good LORD is going to let the heat get turned up a lot worse than this. God's Word, the Bible, promises redemption in exchange for our repentance and faith, but also promised torment and damnation for our self-centered rebellion and intransigence.

"Look up and be ye saved..."

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