Saturday, June 18, 2016

E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One

Far too many people either do not know or have forgotten the phrase E Pluribus Unum, that means "out of many, one". Many what? Many peoples, countries, nations, cultures, states. One what? One People. One Culture. One Nation. One God. The implication of that aspiration of "one-ness" is based on common interest (mutual aid and protection without infringement upon each other), a common and real God (based on common biblical understanding), a common respect for God's Word (the Bible), common faith (just not institutionalized, thereby recognizing the personal nature of repentance and faith), common objectives in which we honor and respect each other, rather than trying to abuse each other or lead each other into sin.

God's Bible, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and the phrases E Pluribus Unum, and In God We Trust, all remind us that we are accountable to one another, AND to God. With these foundational sources and principles at the root and bulwarks of our Nation, it is no wonder that the "politically correct", as well as those who don't want godly influence in our government and Nation, and atheists, all want God and Bible-based Constitutional Standards expunged from our national culture, a culture that has been heavily influenced by the Bible, and has been developing since before our inception as a Nation, even while we were yet a few meager souls barely clinging to life and the shores of this Land.

The Standards of God and Constitution clearly demonstrate that there is NO PLACE for cultural pampering OR "political correctness" in our Nation. We have NOT come this far by relying on humanistic, amoral, relativistic, or atheistic, rationality or emotionalism. Rather, it is our Nation's constitutional High Standards, rooted in God's Word, that have inspired the majority of our Nation to press on whether we face good times or bad, adjuring us to hold each other to these same Standards. These High Standards establish the need for newcomers and citizens, alike, to "get with the program" and ADAPT to this God-inspired Great Experiment, as some have called these United States of America. There is no godly purpose or place for us to be worshipping ourselves in self-centered lusts, pleasures, and cultural preferences that have no place in our Nation. Whenever we neglect to submit ourselves to the High Standards set by The One True God of the Bible, His ways, and our Constitution, we destroy another bit of ourselves. If you do not believe that, read Romans Chapter One.

And while talking about not being bogged down by external or past cultures, and sinful proclivities that go against the Bible and our Constitution's Principles, let us also reject those internal influences of advertising campaigns that would enslave our hearts, minds, and spirits to separate us from our hard earned wages and make us servants to those unholy influences that seek to corrupt us and dictate to us their own desire for our sexual, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, and practical enslavement. Today, whenever we fail to repent, we make ourselves slaves to sin, worshipping sin, and prostituting ourselves for a little interpersonal recognition or a few moments of pleasure. God set Standards to show us how to avoid such entrapments, and our Constitution gives us the freedom to choose whether to become indentured servants to sin or to reject it. But, today, we shame ourselves in these United States of America, for, by our love and practice of sinful things, we have made ourselves worse than Sodom, worse than Gomorrah, and by so doing, we work to destroy this Great Experiment, instead of working to save it.

So, let's go, People! We have Almighty God and His Christ to trust, obey, serve, and honor, and the Constitution and Rights that He has granted to us, that we need to support, defend, and protect. If you love this Nation, then get into the fight to save us from our own sin and apathy. It is NOT the threats from without that will destroy us, but rather our love of our own sin that cripples us and shows our weaknesses to the enemy. Let us, therefore, repent of our sin and get back to God's way of running our own lives, our families, our cities and towns, our respective States, and this Nation.

If this concerns you at all, and you realize that you might just fear and respect God, then read John and Romans, and repent. Trust and receive the Living God of Creation by faith, as He says, for He made you and loves you. Then warn others of their sin and its consequences, that they might be saved from their sin.

May God richly bless you as you seek Him through His Word.

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