Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Loaded Question! Can Venezuelan-style Violence & Chaos Erupt in USA?

A friend of mine emailed me, today, asking what I think about the decay and violence that is occurring in the Socialist nation of Venezuela. He implied that he wondered if that level of violence might be coming to these United States of America, also. So, I half-jokingly asked him, "Is this Loaded Question Day?" (After all, didn't we just go through the Ferguson riots, and violent eruptions other places around the USA?), I proceeded to comment, as follows.

While the media briefly sensationalize each flare-up and violent outbreak in this world, to one degree or another, that stuff goes on all the time, because of the sin nature of humanity. On our own, society cannot escape those sinful tendencies in this life, particularly if we neglect or reject the things that God says to us and about us, especially with regard to our need to heed, trust, and walk with Him according to His whole counsel in the Bible… including that fact that you and I know so well, that Jesus Christ is THE ONLY hope of salvation for anyone and everyone in this world.

BUT, most people do NOT want to deal with who Jesus really IS, for they love their sin so much that they want nothing else until it’s too late. A lot of people get angry with me for telling them what God says about that, but, hey, I all I said is what God says. Either they choose God's Christ and salvation or they reject Him. Either way, they shall have willed themselves to pick Jesus and eternal life, or they willed themselves to pick eternal death, to paddle their own canoe into Hell and the Lake of Fire, separated forever from God and His salvation… not because I said so, but because God has continually forewarned anyone and everyone who will listen to Him, about how to properly use, and NOT abuse, our free will, since the very beginning of human history. It's all there in the Bible.

What do the history books tell us about our own break from England and our Civil War (or War of Northern Aggression, if you prefer)? Any person or nation is delusional that thinks himself, herself, or itself immune to the ravages of time & the anger of the masses, or that any unrepentant being, or entity, can escape the Judgment of God.

Look at what France went through during its revolution. As the heads rolled away from the guillotines, the excessive blood-letting by the masses was even greater than the abuses and excesses of the rulers of their day. Remember the rise and fall of the Juan & Evita Peron regime, the Ferdinand & Imelda Marcos regime, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Hitler, the Nazi horrors (including Dr. & Mrs. Mengele), Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, the dynasties of Roman Caesars, the celebrated city-states of the Greeks, the vast empires and territories of Alexander the Great & Genghis Khan, the eons of Chinese & Japanese warlords and emperors, the rise and fall of ancient Egypt, ad nauseum…. Some people still idolize those dead cultures and people, even today, but ultimately, why did their power and worldly accomplishments fail, but because of their self-centered interests that failed to love, honor, respect, and obey God and His Word.

By contrast, what worldly character of people have tended to survive the violent upheavals of history, for all these 5 to 10 millennia that mankind has been walking this Earth? Based on history's record of the execution of nobility and those who elevate themselves above the average member of any given society, even such as Cain, who killed his brother Abel, evidentially speaking, history shows us that when the elitists are killed off, then, with some exceptions, it is mostly those who humble themselves and stay out of the power struggles who are left to survive. It, logically, follows that as a result of God's divinely appointed eternal separation, when He segregates "the sheep and the goats", parting those who choose God's ways from those who choose their own way, eternal life is only going to be for those who choose to repent of their sin/evils and trust in the salvation and mercy of God's One and Only True God, His Creator, Jesus Christ, whereas those who choose to neglect or reject God's salvation through Christ Jesus will have chosen to condemn themselves to perish in eternal death, forever suffering the torments of separation from the love and mercy of God. How can that be? Study it through, humbling yourself, ask God to help you understand His Truth.

We need to continually apply the Bible’s truth to our lives, to receive, be filled with, and show forth that Light that is the Truth of God, Jesus Christ. Remember that He warns us, “Be ye doers of the Word, not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” We need to apply the lessons of history and the Bible to current personal, local, and world events. If and when we fail to make that God-mandated application, comparison, and judge ourselves according to His Standards, then, unless we finally repent, we guarantee that we put ourselves in harm's way.

There are a lot of delusional and nominal “Christians” in the world today, who love a modest dose of religion, but, they refuse to allow the Holy Spirit to work on them, in them, and through them, failing to allow the Holy Spirit to conform them to the image of Christ. God knows that I, too, as a sinner saved by God's mercy and grace, my flesh, I still struggle with that, even as Paul talked about his own struggles in Romans Chapter 7. But, unlike some, I am trying to let go of the worldly things and to be willing to let Him have His way with me, for without Him, His Word, and His mercy I have nothing of eternal value, therefore, I must depend wholly on His Word, Spirit, mercy, and grace to get me through until I stand before Him, ...once my carcass finally lets my spirit loose. This does NOT mean that I'm "better" than anyone else, but just that I'm trying to be increasingly willing to let God teach me what I need to know, that I might please and walk with Him more closely than I have been.

Remember that Jesus, the prophets, and the apostles, all said that the chaos and horrors of this world are going to get a lot worse before Jesus comes to reign for 1,000 years on His Throne in Jerusalem, ruling with a rod of iron. All the worldly and political hopes, dreams, fears, and all the human plotting and scheming, shall not stop the coming of these events.

Bible believing people should have no reason to fear or worry about any events, for God warns us all to place ourselves in His care, by faith. Let us bless God that He has forewarned us of these increasing spiritual and worldly troubles, AND that He has given us the tools by which to prepare our hearts, minds, and spirits for His shout that shall call us home at the Rapture of believers, before the Great Tribulation hits the Earth. The Rapture could be any day now, as there seem to be no more prophecies to be fulfilled, that might hinder His catching away of believers. In the interim, we who believe urgently need to keep telling people how to be saved and escape the Divine wrath and condemnation that are coming, for God reiterates that He takes no pleasure in the death or suffering of the wicked.

God bless you in your surrender to God's will for your life that you might let Him use you as He sees fit. Only in that surrender is there real peace and joy for any of us, both here on Earth and in our continued life to come.

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