Friday, June 24, 2016

Letter to US Senate and Their Chaplain: Civil Rights vs. Violent Crimes

Dear Chaplain Black,
     Thank you for your service to our Nation. I appreciate fellow veterans, but above all I appreciate those who serve the Lord Jesus Christ in His Truth, and make no apology for doing so.
     I’m 68 year old, combat disabled veteran, biblical Christian constitutionalist, registered Republican. I trust and uphold God’s Word, our U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights. I expect political candidates, and those in public office, to practice the following:
1) stick to the God's Bible & prove all things by it, & walk with His Christ.
2) support & defend the language of our Constitution & our full Bill of Rights.
3) refuse to compromise about Human Life beginning at conception & stop the murder of unborn children.
4) refuse to compromise our Bill of Rights; insist that God’s Bible and our Founding Documents are THE only Standards to prove the Laws of our Nation; “separation of church & state” doesn't bar people of biblical faith from godly influence in our government & agencies.
5) refuse to compromise about godly punishment of violent criminals and thieves: do as God says with them.
6) Hold ALL people equally accountable under God's Word & our Constitution.
     I strenuously urge you to do your sworn duty to uphold and defend our Constitution from all its enemies, foreign & domestic. Fight for our Bill of Rights, without equivocation or favoritism. Do NOT settle for any infringements of our freedoms, guaranteed to all U.S. citizens by our Bill of Rights. Kill ALL anti-gun legislation that affects law-abiding citizens' Rights.
     More than 106 years of anti-gun legislation has NOT had significant effects on violent crime or sin nature of people in these United States of America, but have inflicted egregious burdens & Civil Rights infringements upon every law-abiding citizen. Stop ALL anti-gun legislation that affects the Rights of good citizens.

Thank you for your time and attention.
Craig Szwed

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