Monday, June 6, 2016

Are We Naked In Sin, or Covered By Holy Blood?

These United States of America (and virtually all the world, really) has much of which to repent before God Almighty and before His Christ. As citizens, we have too often allowed God-less, so-called "politically correct" people (which is spiritual, moral, and practical nonsense) to dictate to us the upside down values of Satan himself. Far too many among us now call right things wrong and call wrong things right. The Bible has continually warned people that that would happen in the last days of human self-governance.

Pushing away God and His Bible has led to our utter corruption of what was once considered good. Thinking that we are now doing good for everyone, we have substituted sinful things that God hates. We have supplanted evil for good.

In the name of personal liberties and separation of church and state, ignorant and vile people have led us to kick God out of most of our educational processes. In furtherance of their attempts to purge accountability to God, politicians have tried to invade and dictate to churches. We now suffer gross spiritual impoverishment among children and adults, alike, yet we continue to indulge our flesh as if we are starving. Guess what! We ARE starving to death, because we neglect or reject the Word of God and our accountability to Him. We have allowed spiritual tyrants to substitute false science and the false religion of evolution, which has demeaned and despised God's Word, even though He says that He created us in His image. The rabbit-trails of evolutionism and "political correctness" have led to the mass murder of our unborn children, at our own whim, and for our own convenience. Our tolerance of that is NOT pleasing to God. If you think that I'm wrong, prove me wrong from God's Word.

Worldly, brutish philosophies have given us lying permission to run around self-justifying our nakedness, our lewd and intemperate thoughts and actions, our same-sex unions, our abortions, our cheating on taxes, our suppression and abuse of the poor, our greed, our profane language, our cruelties, our lusts and addictions, and our willy-nilly self-justifications that include our rejection and neglect of God, His Word, and His Christ.

We MUST repent of all those things, but, not so that we can feel good about ourselves and go in some other self-justifying direction.

We must repent of ALL our sin, calling every vile bit of it the Christ-killing sin that God calls it. Why? that we can have the relationship with Him that He wants us to have. Without that right relationship with God, according to His plan of salvation, our lives consist of nothing but our sin, sin that He despises. Oh, God loves sinners, according to John 3:16, and probably more than a thousand other verses in the Bible. But, God hates every one of the wrong things that we choose to do, whether our sins are deliberate or out of neglect and failure to obey His Word. God wants us to repent and have a good relationship with Him according to the way that HE views goodness, not according to our own fantasy or delusion of what we want goodness to mean.

I urge readers to ask the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ to help each one of you prayerfully read Ezekiel 23 and seriously consider the parallels that He alone can show you about how the Jews rebelled against God, including with their spiritual and sexual escapades. See what they reaped for their rebelliousness, and what is going on in your own nation, today, no matter where you live in the world.

God wants to set you free from the burden of sin, but, YOU have to want to accept and receive the freedom that God offers to you. This is not a culture. This is not a religion. This is about repentance and faith before God Almighty, alone... just between you and Him.

When you make up your mind to accept or reject God's offer of His salvation through His Christ, then YOU will have chosen to forever seal your own eternal destiny, whether into life eternal with Him or death eternal in everlasting torments, as the God's Word promises in both instances. The choice IS yours to make. There is no one else who can make it for you. The Bible is LOADED with examples of this truth.

Please choose to accept and receive God's salvation, even at this very moment, for this IS God's will for your life. He takes no pleasure in the eternal suffering or death of those who despise Him and His Christ, Jesus. However, those who choose to reject God's Christ have chosen to snub their noses at His pure and sinless sufferings, death, burial, and resurrection. He accomplished all those things on YOUR behalf, to redeem you as His own family, AND to demonstrate His love so that you might understand it, then believe on Him and receive Him. He chose to shed His perfect sinless blood for you and me, even though we are yet sinners. He willingly went to the Cross of Calvary to die in our place, because He knew that shedding His own sinless blood, dying in our place, and rising again from the dead, was the only way to atone for and purge our egregious sins. Because of the selfless love and actions of Jesus Christ, we can be saved by His unmerited favor (grace) that He wants to pour out on us, IF we will simply accept it, believe on it, ask and thank Him for it, and receive it as the free gift that it is from God Almighty. May He, now, help you to surrender to Him and invite Him into your life as your Savior and Lord, now and forever more. Amen.

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