Friday, July 8, 2016

Political Horror of this Year and Decade

Read these articles with an honest and open mind, and see if you, too, are not disgusted with the utter corruption in US politics over Hillary Clinton's ongoing avoidance of accountability for her bad decisions and bad behaviors while in office. These United States of America CANNOT AFFORD for her to enter the White House as Chief Administrator of our Nation. Hillary Clinton IS AN IMMEDIATE and PRESENT DANGER to our National Security. Her actions prove her guilty of gross negligence while Secretary of State OR they prove her totally incapable of any capacity to securely, wisely, or judiciously performing the duties of the Office of President. Her utter guilt or her gross inability are the ONLY two rational conclusions possible from the evidence that is before the public and the FBI.

Then read some of these discussions:

A HUGE PROBLEM is that IF, ...and I repeat... IF... Hillary Clinton was "only" carelessly and ignorantly handling secure national information with such blatantly poor regard for email security and national security, as the FBI's Comey suggests, then what was President Obama thinking when he put such a bumbling and un-secured idiot in charge of the Office of the Secretary of State of these United States of America, at the very nerve center of national security?!

Her backers, promoters, and supporters who are working so hard to get her into the Office of President of these United States of America, are demonstrating ZERO concern or fear of her egregious history. They are more interested in seeing Hillary get into the White House than they are in seeing the USA survive as a Nation! Those supporters do not care that Clinton continues to smilingly mock and cajole the public about her supposed utter ignorance of US security protocols, or that she claims ZERO personal accountability for any breach of National Security or its protocols. Hillary Clinton is smiling and happy to play the bumbling, stupid, "oh, is THAT what I did?" role for the public entertainment. AND, to their shame, they swallow it, while she condescends to her suitors and sycophants, playing to their self-serving fantacies, lust, and greed.

Hillary Clinton is trying to buy this election by corrupting the souls and minds of US citizens, so that they delude and will themselves to exchange her election and a "pass" on her security threatening behaviors, or her willfully ignorant disregard for our national security, in order that the public might think themselves the beneficiaries of her ephemeral promises and platitudes that tickle their ears and fantacies. IF you or I had done the very same deeds and lies that Clinton has done, while in office and on the campaign trail. you can bet your last dollar that these same whimpering, equivocating, relativism shuffling, gutless officials of our government would have busted you and thrown you in the garbage heap, in pieces, like some tattered filthy rag.

Hillary Clinton should NOT be allowed to get away with all her filthy attacks on our Constitution, on the USA, on our Bill of Rights, or on our fellow citizens. She should NOT be allowed to go unscathed for her misconduct in the Benghazi mess and the destabilization of the Middle East, the latter having sown the seed for the rise of ISIS. Hillary Clinton has a slimy trail that follows her wherever she goes, for which she needs to be held accountable. I thank God that He SHALL hold her fully accountable, eventually. But, in the meantime, Hillary Clinton is a traitor to our Constitution, to those who support and defend our Constitution & our Nation, AND her mishandling of national secrets via private email proves her to be a horrible threat to our national security.

The FBI proclaimed her acts to be serious or gross carelessness, or was it by her careful manipulation and connivance, just to do things the way that she wanted because she thought she was above the Law of the Land and established security protocols? Either way, she MUST be held accountable for all her horrible behaviors and decisions while she was in public office. Repentance starts at home. Let us ALL get right with Jesus Christ, AND let us NOT allow Hillary Clinton's crimes against our Nation to be excused or explained away like some childish fairy tale. That same Truth of accountability before the Law of God and our Constitution must be reestablished as the Standard by which ALL citizens and politicians are judged in our Nation.

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