Saturday, July 23, 2016

Updated Review of Trump's 2016 RNC Acceptance Speech: Walls Shall NOT Stop Sinful Behavior. Where is Godliness & Moral Excellence in This Election?

-Last night, I listened to the full replay of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump's acceptance speech. Most of his speech was historically and politically accurate... and I applaud his candor and accuracy in that speech... EXCEPT for two weak and failing parts. In those two points, Trump veered off 180 degrees from what God says about sin, by failing to recognize that NO PHYSICAL WALL can ever keep US residents safe from choosing the sins of lust, drug abuse, criminal behavior, interpersonal violence, the murder of our born and unborn children, or sexual perversions.

-As a necessary aside, I must say that, trotting out one's pet sins for public viewing takes those sins out of the area of conscience between the sinner and God, and makes those sins fitting targets for biblical, moral, and social commentary. Too long, too many "politically correct" persons and groups have tried to silence anyone who says anything biblically based about that person's or group's publicized stand on a given topic, whether sexual perversions, drug abuse, abortion, the death penalty, or any other issue. It is long past time for the "politically correct" among us to cease and desist from their infringements on our natural rights and our Bill of Rights. There is no moral or social justification for allowing them to stifle our faith, our beliefs, or our free exercise of speech and spiritual pursuits that we practice in good conscience before God. This is NOT a call to silence the "politically correct", but a call to believers in Christ Jesus to stop living in fear of the opposition. We, who claim to live by faith, need to start putting our faith into action, freely and openly, even as Daniel did in a heathen kingdom that was much like the unholy society in which we now live.

-We, who have believed on, trusted in, and called upon the Lord Jesus Christ, need to stop living in fear of, or self-delusion about, the opposition's attempts to silence Truth and godly living. We must stop hiding and running away from our responsibility to say plainly, that, their behaviors, especially when trotted out in public, are NOT acceptable to GOD. We must freely say that it is NOT appropriate for any element of our society to tolerate, promote, or defend sin. We must say that it is NOT appropriate for any element of our society to attempt to silence those among us who accurately share God's warnings about sin and its wages.

-If we learn nothing else from the Cold War's Berlin Wall, the great castles and fortified cities of the rest of the world, including the Great Wall of China, we MUST surely learn and know that physical walls do NOT protect those within from their own sinful choices. Our own prison system shouts this truth, for the walled, fenced, wired, and guarded prisons in the USA have become universities of sin, depravity, and crime.

-Despite the frailties and failures of human decisions, for many years our Land was generally governed by the Principles of the God of the Bible, and by His Word, first by personal conscience, and from one colonial community to another. Later, after our independence from England, we agreed collectively as a Nation, that those same godly Principles were to be applied in and through our US Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

-However, over the last hundred years or so, since about the mid to late 1800s, people's love of modernism, skepticism, lust, and self-indulgence, have launched us, as a nation, too frequently, to promote the flat out denial of God and His Word, including His Principles. God's two Great Commandments, by which all Law can and should be judged, and shall be judged at the end of time, are as follow (when Christ Jesus was queried about what law is the greatest of all):

Matthew 22:36-39:
Master, which [is] the great commandment in the law?
37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
38 This is the first and great commandment.
39 And the second [is] like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

-Trump keeps saying that a physical border wall will fix things here at home, yet, even as the Bible says, "sin lieth at the door" of each of our own houses, and, if we fail to deal with sin in a godly manner, we shall be held accountable, no matter what popular politics wants. God has repeatedly told us of our accountability, for eons. Anyone who thinks that a physical wall is the answer does not understand the depth and extent of the sin that is tearing our nation apart.

-Despite Trump's verbal rejection of "political correctness", in that speech, even the hugely popular Trump seems to have succumbed to populist pressures, or demonstrated ignorance of the biblical truth that every soul that sins is personally responsible.

-Trump seems to miss the biblical and moral point that soliciting or enticing others to participate in or provide for one's sin, or enabling the sins of others makes both parties equally responsible for their own involvement in those sins. That biblical truth stands for all time with regard to unrighteous violence, drug abuse and peddling, lust, and sexual perversion, and sin in general. Only the holy spiritual walls that we allow God to build in our hearts, minds, and spirits can ever defend us against sin.

-Only by repentance and faith in God's Christ is there ever going to be a lasting peace in anyone or for anyone. If we have not made our peace with Christ (as God says we must), or we refuse to do so, then we must not deceive ourselves, but rather, we MUST be honest with ourselves and KNOW that we shall have chosen to never have peace so long as we reject God's Christ of the Bible.

-Furthermore, as long as our nation collectively rejects the whole counsel of God, but chooses, rather, to elevate or protect sin of any kind, that shall have been our choice, collectively, to harm and destroy ourselves through our disrespect for God's Word, and, because of our sinful choices, we shall not prosper in truth, as a nation.

-Despite all that I've said about those two major shortcomings of Trump's outlook and speech, I must agree that, to date, when comparing Trump against Clinton, in a worldly manner, Trump appears the more qualified and less  offensive of those two leading candidates for President. Examining the candidates from a worldly perspective, I can readily see why so many angry, frustrated citizens feel that Trump is their only hope, and now, the official Republican candidate.

-When we compare Clinton's unconstitutional track record to Trump's business record and what he proposes for the future of the USA, with few exceptions, Trump's positions are generally in support and defense of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Trump generally rejects Clinton's unconstitutional objectives and failed character. During Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State, she and Obama set in motion things that have destroyed the tenuous political stability of the Middle East. Furthermore, to Trump's credit, he does NOT agree with Clinton being allowed to get away with her destructive behavior or with her lies and connivance, wherein she egregiously violated her oath of office (with regard to Benghazi) and by her inappropriate handling of national secrets in her emails (and then by destroying evidence that should have been used to prove her guilt).

-There are VAST moral, political, and constitutional differences between Trump and Clinton, and Clinton has a horrible public office record of repeatedly violating her oath of office. She also solicits violations of our human rights, by her unconstitutional objective, promises, and pandering to the fear-riddled masses.

-By contrast, Trump has a highly effective business record in high stakes business management. Trump is highly skilled in the arts of politicking, as his donation records demonstrate. He knows how to grease the wheels to make the train move. He is also able to put the right people in the right spot to get the job done the right way, and he is not afraid to fire incompetents or those who would be obstructionists. Trump also says that he is willing to fight FOR our Constitution, and that he is NOT interested in pandering to the masses with giveaway programs. THOSE are the things that are resonating with so many politically frustrated voters this year.

-We CANNOT afford to tolerate any more of Clinton's vile behavior, so those who primarily seek worldly change feel that they MUST elect Trump to stop Clinton. But, as I was challenged by my own daughter and a message in a church sermon... The question remains, is Trump the BEST, and MOST EXCELLENT candidate to point our Nation back in a godly direction?

-IF elected, Clinton and the Democrats are going to "give" the USA more of the same social degradation, more of the same political disruption, more intense "politically correct" attacks against US citizens and our Constitution, and more economically draining destructive values and behaviors.

-Trump might slow the financial and constitutional deterioration of our nation, and Clinton has proven herself utterly corrupt. So, it is incumbent upon us to ask ourselves whether Trump is really of the EXCELLENT moral and spiritual fiber that our Nation really needs? If you really want good and godly leadership then read the first few chapters of the Bible's book of Daniel and compare that with the book of Romans and what is going on in our corrupt modern society. It is WELL WORTH the reading, to help clear our heads about our present cultural and spiritual mess in this Nation. Without godly leaders, and godly citizens, acting in good faith before God Almighty, according to His Word, there is ZERO real or enduring hope for our nation.

-I submit that, as Ted Cruz said at the RNC, as the Bible has said for eons, and as my dear daughter reminded me, we must all vote according to the facts of the candidates records, history, AND our conscience before God, for we shall all surely give account to God Almighty for the marks that we make on that paper on Election Day, this year, and every year. 

Preparing to go to the voting booth is going to take more research and more prayer, and CANNOT simply be dismissed as an academic exercise in history, or politics, or citizenship. If we vote without research and prayer, then we shall have neglected our duty before God. Those who want to leave God out of the equation have already voted for sin and destruction.

-Given my love of Christ, the Bible, and our Constitution (with its attendant Bill of Rights), I would MUCH rather see Cruz, Fiorina, or Santorum rise to be our next President. I believe that any one of those three candidates would make a godly President for the USA, one who would lead according to God's will for our Nation, and not according to the dictates of human frailty or popular whim, fear, secularism, or relativism. Therefore, I am most seriously and prayerfully considering writing in one of those candidates for the Office of President in the forthcoming November election. We must seriously and prayerfully consider the wise and holy counsel offered by Ted Cruz, at the RNC (and by my daughter): prove the candidates and VOTE in a godly Conscience and Faith, in tune with God's Word.

-Do NOT vote in fear.
-Do NOT vote for convenience or personal gain.
-Do NOT vote by connivance, nor by any worldly standard.

-For, whether we want to believe it or not, we shall ALL answer to God for what we choose to do.

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