Thursday, July 7, 2016

Islamic Rape Coming To Neighborhood Near You

There are many people both inside and outside of Islam, who continue to ignorantly defend Islam as a religion of peace... because not all Muslims believe in the official doctrines of their supposed religion. However, rape is an integral and approved methodology of official Islam. Jihadist rape is already practiced in numerous places around the globe, and is coming to a neighborhood near you. You can accuse this writer of hate for telling the truth, and you can make believe that jihadist rape does not exist, but when it happens in your own neighborhood, as it was threatened in Minnesota during this 2016 Ramadan season, you will know the truth about real Islamic motivations.

I strongly suggest that you stop drinking the soft soap of TV pop news programming, and start doing some real research for yourself. Official Islam is NOT your friend, but a front for those who love violence and subjugation of others. Don't wait until you hear the "politically correct" being raped, murdered, and howling about how they 'made a mistake' when they defended Islam. Official Islam wants you to surrender completely to their way of doing things. Period. You can say, "It ain't so." But, your say-so does NOT change Islam's official doctrines and self-justified behaviors. Modern and ancient history prove my statements correct.

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