Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sin Loves Sinful Company, BUT We Can Choose Real Life, Instead

The next time you hear scads of people ranting and raving about how hateful and awful Bible believing people are, or how terrible conservative people are, remember that sin and willful sinners both love sinful company, so that they can try to feel not so alone and accountable before the One, All-knowing, Almighty God of Creation. It is the souls who get the angriest, and who fight the hardest, against God and Jesus Christ, who are feeling the most guilty and most in need of the precious and exclusive salvation that only God offers, God's eternal solution to sin, that is only solved through godly faith in Jesus Christ.

Oh, the attackers rant and rave about how judgmental and hateful we are, but then, they are the ones who work so hard to try to silence and marginalize us, who tell forth God's Truth, while, yet, our attackers insist on having their own full say, sway, and exercise of any and all so-called preferences, rights, inclinations, and privileges, in which THEY want to indulge themselves. To them, it is OK to carve out whatever territory, and establish whatever practices, that they want, as long as the rest of us are kept in a status or place in which we are not allowed to live God's truth, or speak God's truth. They, especially, do not want us anywhere near those who love their own lies, delusions, and self-deceptions, and they do not want us anywhere near those whom they have not yet corrupted with their unholy lies and deceptions.

They can say that there is no God, as many times as they enjoy, but that changes none of God's facts. They can say that they are only accountable to each other, or to no one, but that does not change their accountability to God.

To paraphrase the Lord Jesus Christ, yes, there IS a pay day, and the Word of God and of His Christ shall remain the Absolute Standard by which all souls are judged, ...to the exclusion of all other human hopes, fantacies, and works.

If any of us choose to die in our sins, having NOT placed our faith in the Christ of God, and in the manner that He says we must, then we shall have committed the "unpardonable sin": the greatest sin of all is to have gone through this life without accepting and receiving Him as our Savior, by "repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ".

God dictated the Bible to mankind, that we might will ourselves to choose to be set free from our sin, ...so that we can live in Him. The choice is ours, whether to live an earthly life that neglects or rejects God's Christ, by which choice we shall have chosen to die in our sin, or we can choose to accept and live in Christ Jesus, and have eternal life more abundantly, even as Jesus Christ has invited us to join Him, for, only Jesus has really prepared THE Way of salvation and THE place of salvation for us.

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