Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Obama Loves Iran Nuke Deal, But Not Disabled US Citizens with Guns?

Some links about this topic may be fraught with rhetoric and sensationalism, but, read them for yourself. You decide what YOU think those in power are REALLY trying to accomplish, especially when they lump together whole categories of citizens and mark them as incompetent (especially with regard to the rights of our citizens to freely exercise their Second Amendment prerogatives). We must each answer, for ourselves, the question of whether or not any government has the moral or constitutional mandate to stop disabled, or other, citizens, from defending themselves. Put yourself in the shoes of each of the people whom the government is thinking of depriving of their Rights to self-defense. Here's the Google search about Obama trying to ban some disabled people, on Social Security, from owning guns

True or not, the sound bytes are coming out to seem as if Obama's administration is even willing to discriminate against some folks because they can't juggle numbers well enough to balance their checkbooks. Believe me, there are many people who can shoot straight and true, for the right moral, personal, and public safety reasons, but who couldn't remember what they had for breakfast or how to balance a checkbook, even if their lives depended on either of the latter two. That includes a LOT of folks on Social Security. Over the decades, I happen to have known a lot of upstanding citizens who had problems remembering things, or balancing their checkbooks with any degree of precision... and, NOW I know a lot more of them!

It appalls me to think that these United States are so swiftly moving toward the Stalinesque or Hitlerian scenario of depriving whole classes of people of their Rights, as was done under the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade ruling. That type of infringement and deprivation of Human Rights has continued repeatedly under this current President, who just happens to be of partial African and slave descent. Talk about bitter irony! Here's a U.S. President, of slave descent, working, like Hitler and Stalin, in his soldier-disarming paranoia, seeking to enslave and destroy a Nation of People that once sought, by Common Accord and Documents, to turn the weaknesses of its humanity into a society of citizens living by a Constitution of Unifying Principles, that were inspired by God's Bible. This President's type of cattle-herding is socially destructive, unholy, unconstitutional, and immoral. His attacks on citizen Rights are egregious, yet he is allowed to persist in attacking our Constitution.

Unless all citizens of these United States of America have been afforded their full constitutional Rights, been formally charged, properly defended and adjudicated, with all due process, and only THEN found guilty of some criminal activity or grievous risk to other citizens, it is entirely unconstitutional for any and all governmental agents to selectively pick on the manner in which law-abiding citizens may be grouped or individually succeed or fail in their daily efforts, including balancing their respective checkbooks. 

Constitutional Rights and Principles apply equally to the mental health consultations of citizens with their doctors, spiritual counselors, or mental health workers. The language of our Constitution is broad and inclusive in and of our Natural Rights. Our Founders declared that to be "self-evident". Our Constitution and other Founding Documents are NOT legalistic, sectarian, nor discriminatory rule books, but formed and established by the agreement of all subscribing States to be the Foundation and Truth by which all things must and should be conducted in these United States of America. The Liberal anti-gun, anti-Rights crowd needs to learn the Truths and Objectives of these Documents, rather than playing semantic and legalistic head-games with these Treasures that our Founding Fathers left for us.

There are great risks when special interest groups and government go after whole classes of law-abiding people, instead of going after real criminals and perpetrators of evil. First, government seldom knows when to stop itself, if ever. It usually likes to grow itself and flex its muscles. Government and its officials, too quickly, become filled with delusions of grandeur. Secondly, in response to the government getting too cocky and too invasive of the lives of citizens, the people become less and less trusting of government. If people believe, and feel or know, that the government is seeking ways to undermine and deprive them of their Rights, then people, increasingly, shy away from seeking the helpful private support mechanisms that they need in society, because the people rightfully fear that government agents may somehow force elements of the citizen support structure to expose personal information, which government has no right to access. That is part of our Right to be secure in our persons, ourselves, our privacy. The government has no place in, nor seeking to govern, our heads, hearts, or our spirits, but the government itself SHOULD BE governed by OUR heads, OUR hearts, and OUR spirits.

The lawful financial, mental, and spiritual matters of law-abiding citizens are NOT the business of government, for such lawful conduct by citizens does NOT violate the Scripture, the Constitution, nor the Rights of other citizens. God says that government is there to strike blows against evil and evildoers, not against law-abiding citizens. The heavy hand and sharp sword of government are given to government by God, with the expectation that government shall execute swift, righteous, godly judgment on evildoers, NOT chicanery, ill-will, nor malevolence, against just and righteous citizens. Yet, many federal, state, and town/city governments and officials have, over the years, egregiously overstepped their biblical and constitutional bounds, having violated the persons, privacy, and Rights of numerous citizens. 

Our courts are filled, today, with citizens' lawsuits against various overbearing officials, levels, and acts, of modern government. The courts are also choked with frivolous suits, and legal shenanigans by charlatans. Revolving door cases, repeat offenders, excessive "rights" of appeal cases, and habitual criminals, all flood the dockets of our nation. Yet, despite the heavy criminal workload facing many officials and agencies, somehow, certain ones among our politicians, police, special interest groups, lawyers, judges, and legislators have found abundant amounts of time and money to harass honest citizens and seek to deprive law-abiding citizens of their Natural and lawful Rights under God and our Constitution. Such official and coordinated attacks, against the Rights of law-abiding citizens, are a tragic matter. How is it that so many people in power and authority cannot discern between good and evil? They seem to have run themselves fully into the trap of what the Bible said they would do in the last days, in that they, "call evil good, and good evil". Such is the nature of "political correctness", with its political lust for control of others, and its self-aggrandizement conveniently calling evil good, and good evil, all for its own gain and advantage. Remember that their cry of "peace and safety" is a lie!

Are there any REAL and godly leaders in our society? If there are, they need to stand up, work together, and start leading errant citizens and politicians away from the unholy and unconstitutional actions that have plagued our spiritual, legal, and political systems for decades. Although only God can change the hearts of willing people, we shall all answer to God for each of our actions. Therefore, we all need to work to stop ungodly and unconstitutional actions of all citizens, officials, and agencies, including those of our sitting President. We, also, need to repent of our own sins by which we personally contribute to the sins of others, and to the weakness and decay of our society. 

Most people on Earth know that U.S. citizens have Rights, or are supposed to have them, according to our Constitution's Bill of Rights. That is one reason why so many people put their lives in jeopardy to get to the U.S.A., as did my dad's parents, and other of my progenitors. Some of them were model citizens, and some were not, but, they all had the same Natural Human Rights; the same Natural Rights that were affirmed when these United States of America were formed and signed into being, and later attested to by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. At some point in history, EVERY STATE has signed its agreement to those Documents, in order to join the U.S.A. 

Given our State-subscribed, God-given, Natural Rights, then, just because some citizens don't do well with numbers, can't remember things well, aren't particularly productive members of society, or have some kind of serious personal issues in daily life, does NOT necessarily mean that those same people are insane, dangerous to themselves or others, unable to know right from wrong, OR that they should not be allowed to freely exercise their Second Amendment Rights. Let's remember that God knows each of our weaknesses, and that people only see the outside of a person.

Anti-gun elements in our society simplistically look for any means possible to deal with their twisted view of what is wrong around them. Sadly, in their zeal and rush to fix things, when individual humans mess up, the zealous Liberal anti-gunners' first mistake is that they think money will fix problems, when only God can help people deal with their sin nature. Secondly, the Liberal anti-gunners fail to recognize, admit, or deal with perpetrators' sinful behavior for what it is. They much prefer to blame anyone or anything other than the perpetrators' bad personal choices. As with the tormented Michael Brown case, too many people were looking for a reason to explain away his horrible behavior or make excuses for it, rather than calling his sinful attitudes toward others the sin that those things really were. He chose to act out his evil behaviors. No one else did those things for him. Lastly, the anti-rights, anti-gun crowd is all too eager to persecute law-abiding citizens, or allow them to fall prey and victim to evildoers, depriving good citizens of their Rights, their property, and their lives, as in the case of Jacqueline Gardner. 

The apologists for criminals neglect to understand that, constitutionally, it is criminal perpetrators who are supposed to be deprived of their citizen's rights for having committed their crimes against fellow citizens and society. People have to start holding perpetrators fully accountable for every theft, every assault, every rape, every murder. We must return to the standards that God set for dealing with crime and criminals. Our system has gone way off course since the legal system threw God out of our schools and other public venues. Few are the political and other leaders who are willing to stand with God, against evil, in our society, today. Yet, there are many panderers who would call themselves leaders, but follow after public sentiment and power. If you grieve, as I do, about the horrendous rise of evil in our society, I suggest that you read Psalms 37 and 73, which deal with the struggle that the righteous face when watching evil seem to get away with so much that is vile in the world and society.

By going after good citizens and our Constitution-guaranteed Rights, the Rights-attackers waste untold fortunes and "zillions" of man-hours. Better that they should spend their time and resources fighting real crime and striving to hold real criminals, real evildoers accountable for their vile actions. Too often, the Liberal anti-gun crowd allows itself the luxury of entirely skirting the realities of personal responsibility for sinful human behavior, often duped by their own propaganda. The often fearful, and usually simplistic attitudes and actions, of those who pamper criminals while blaming guns for violence, are all out of whack. 

While Liberal anti-gun people ignore the responsibility of the criminal, they focus, very selectively, on the lesser mechanisms and tools that evildoers use to commit violent crimes, even though those same mechanisms and tools are frequently and normally used very responsibly by huge numbers of U.S. citizens. Yes, I'm saying that despite all the pop media hype, firearms are NOT the culprit, nor are they even the prime weapon of choice by violent offenders. Most violent crimes do NOT get equivalent coverage in the media, so how would most media watchers know that firearms are nothing more than the favorite scapegoat of the anti-Rights, anti-gunners? 

In extreme contrast to pop media hype, these official FBI stats show that in 2011 there were 258,671 reported firearm related rapes, assaults, home invasions, and murders in the USA, while in the same period there were over 1.9 million OTHER violent crimes including rapes, robberies, home invasions, and other assaults on persons, that did NOT involve firearms. It is amazing that the anti-gun folks ignore the fact that more interpersonal violence is done with literal "strong arm" tactics than with firearms, as that FBI table shows, above. Let us, also, not forget all the sharp edge weapons, clubs, feet, fists, etc., that violent attackers also use to inflict pain and death. 

It is time to face the facts that the FBI data shows us. If you add up the related numbers, as I did, the FBI table clearly shows that for each time a firearm was used to commit a violent crime against persons, in 2011, there were more than 7 other violent crimes against persons. To stress this point, besides the one attack with a firearm, there were 7 OTHER violent crimes against persons, committed with a host of OTHER weapons, including hands, feet, clubs, knives, rope, and a variety of other items that were NOT firearms. That is, out of every 8 violent crimes against persons, committed in 2011, there was a ratio of more than a 7 other weapons of choice being used by perps, as opposed to one firearm. The bottom line is that despite all the hysterical anti-gun pop media hype, firearm violence accounted for only 13.4% of all violent crimes against persons, that year. 

That FBI statistical data shows us that there is no excuse for the mass hysteria against firearms, whether we are discussing weapon style, choice, magazines, ammo, ownership, or use among and by law-abiding citizens. Remember that even manual "strong arm" violence was significantly greater than firearm violence. 

The pop media LOVES to attack firearms, firearms Rights, and firearms advocates! Between that kind of pop media zeal and all the FBI-listed mechanisms of criminal violence against persons, any rational person should expect to see the pop media turning from their anti-gun campaigns, and to start cranking out 7 times as much pop media hoopla about the primary violent tendencies and mechanisms that make up 86.6% of all violent crime against persons. But, they don't acknowledge the FBI facts, and won't change their sales strategy. The pop media just continues to obsess about the relatively paltry 13.4% of  firearm-related violence against persons, and continue to ignore the other 86.6% of all violent crimes that are against persons. Talk about prejudice!

Unlike the politically and pop media driven knee-jerk reactions to the 13.4% of violence against persons, that is done with firearms, we never hear of any media blitz hype, knee-jerk laws, or massive confiscations of knives, pressure cookers, automobiles, hands, feet, arms, male genitalia, rope, pantyhose, or anything else that has been used for so many violent crimes against persons. Still, we regularly see and hear of government agents, legislators, governors, and special interest groups attacking firearms manufacturers, distributors, financiers, sellers, and those who own, collect, or otherwise use them lawfully. 

Firearms are some scapegoat for a world that is bent on sending itself to Hell, as it sinfully tears itself apart at the seams. It still amazes this blogger that those in power and "the People" continually ignore the fact that 86.6% of all weapons used in violent crimes against persons are NOT guns of any kind. Those who hate guns and hate our constitutional Right to own and carry what we want, when, and where we want, rivet on the 13.4%, and ignore the 86.6%, of violent crimes against people. WOW! Those are some solidly closed minds. That is like standing in full sunlight with your eyes open and declaring confidently that it is pitch black night around yourself. Talk about people swallowing lies!

The unwillingness of anti-gunners to face and deal, rationally, with the nature of human sin, and the means by which criminals effect the great majority of their violent crimes, demonstrates a very high level of ignorance and blind zeal within the anti-gun community, as well as an ignorance or blindness in the general population of our citizens. The folks who hate or fear firearms have made themselves into an unthinking, anti-reality, anti-Rights, propaganda-only mob. Furthermore, they are all too willing to goose-step forward and zealously strip any citizen, whom they can, of Natural Human Rights and Rights under our Constitution. Here are some facts about numerous anti-gun myths. These address some of the illogic and madness that is rampant in anti-gun circles.

If you read one of my other posts, from 7/20/2015, you'll see that I link the reader to the implications of the Obama-Iran nuclear deal, which is, most likely, going to put the good ole USA back in the business of helping to fund terrorism, which will probably be terrorism against the USA. Evidently, Obama and his anti-gun sycophants now think that trying to take guns away from disabled law-abiding citizens (who still need to be able to defend themselves) is far more important than keeping money and nuclear arms out of the hands of terrorists. What don't Obama and his cronies understand about the fact that they are giving BILLIONS of U.S. dollars to known terrorist sympathizers? They seem to think that doing that is better than respecting our Bill of Rights. It is disgusting to this blogger, that, Obama, his cronies, and other "leaders" are signing deals with the likes of Iran, putting BILLIONS of US Dollars into the hands of those who have actively demonstrated, for a LONG time, that they have no problem supporting and funding terrorist nations. Therefore, while our own President tries to disarm law-abiding U.S. citizens, he is effectively funding the placement of all sorts of firepower into the hands of anti-US groups. By their unconstitutional domestic and foreign relations actions, our President and his supporters have dishonored their Oaths of Office, and, by their actions, declared war on these United States of America and against all citizens of these United States of America.

With his newest anti-gun-checkbook-balance posturing, President Obama proves his administration's constitutional incompetence, even as decades of other tax-and-spend administrations did. They have all failed, and even refused, to balance state and federal budgets. We, the citizens of our Nation, cannot run our homes the way the government spends the money taken from us. We would be bankrupt in scarcely any time at all. Why are "We, the People," putting up with the ongoing financial bankrupting and corruption of our Nation, including the bankrupting of the future of our children and grandchildren? Isn't it about time that every citizen demanded that everyone in government be held completely accountable, to the same standards by which so many politicians try to bleed and subjugate the rest of us citizens of these United States of America?

Our President and all government officials must be held accountable for all their individual and collective actions. Likewise, we, the citizens of these United States of America, must firmly hold ourselves to the task and test of ensuring that all our government officials are constitutionally monitored and dealt with. We can NO LONGER tolerate government and its agents acting badly, especially toward our own citizens. We, the citizens, CANNOT afford any more of the ongoing, damaging behavior, by government officials, nor any more of the financial hemorrhaging, all of which has so debilitated our nation, morally, financially, spiritually, and militarily. We MUST get back to walking with the God of the Bible and honoring and living by our Constitution, which He gave to us. Nothing, short of striving to attain these latter objectives, will have any lasting benefit for any soul among of us, here or abroad.


  1. I think he is a lot wiser than people give credit, at least when it comes to competing in an election. However, I think he has much to learn in the realm of foreign policy and relations. Not that he can't learn that, but may not have the support internally and thus, unproductive. The sad thing is that many probably wish more for the opportunity to thrive off negative commentary (jokes, etc) of the caricaturation than anything.

    1. Reviewing the results of this Google search shows that Obama has a wide gap between what he has claimed and what he has practiced with regard to the plain language of our Constitution:

  2. Thank you for reading and commenting on this topic.

    As with anyone in public office, we need to look at how Obama obeys or attacks our Constitution. Obama has repeatedly dishonored the Oath of Office which he took and dishonored our Constitution and Bill of Rights, as I've noted in numerous other blog posts.