Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Restore U.S.A. To Our Constitution

I was a very busy father, husband, active church member, and employed citizen, for decades. Yet, in many constitutional respects, I neglected my ongoing civic duties, despite having served with honor in combat and earned an honorable discharge from the military. Once out of the military, I played ignorant to the fact that duty and honor are not something that we can do one time, or a short while, and be done with them. Duty and honor are things to which God calls every person, as part of our ongoing growth as individuals, all throughout life. Duty is never done until our lives are over. That is not a popular concept with many people, even though that concept is true, biblically and constitutionally. That truth is probably why there is decreasing positive interest in the Bible and Constitution in certain circles, and increasing attacks against both.

Since the conclusion of World War II and the Korean War, there  has been a growing unrest and unwillingness for elements of our society to contribute their blood, sweat, or prayerful tears, to the security and well-being of our Nation. Such unrest or avoidance of duty is unconstitutional, immoral, and a rejection of sound spiritual principles. I must confess that I was, for decades, part of that deterioration of social conscience and social participation. I finally got back in the game when I admitted that many of our constitutionally mandated natural human rights have been grievously undermined, and that the ongoing attacks against human rights is significantly fueled by the lack of active citizen participation. I was part of the problem instead of being part of the solution. I was guilty as charged, under the Principles and Language of our Constitution, as well as scripturally speaking. My lack of active support and defense of our Constitution had to be addressed. I had to change me. I had to face and shoulder my responsibilities, or else continue to be as passively destructive as those who actively seek to tear down our Constitution and our Nation.

Many people are in the same boat that I was, so work or pleasure oriented that they make no time or effort to be part of this Republic and its constitutionally mandated processes. Too many continue to look to 'government' to provide for them or to save them. They seem to want a panacea, a quick 'pill', to take care of anything  and everything, from electric bills to jobs, instead of getting busy and doing the necessary work themselves. Yet, while they are even asking government to do more and more for them, they frequently lament the financial, spiritual, and social cost of top-heavy government, and the increasingly oppressive regulation that stifles all manner of sound business and personal creativity. Yes, we have tons of technologies, but we also killed millions of babies in the last few decades. Yes, we have a 'black' president, but we also have riots in our streets, institutionalized poverty in our ghettos, and a military being invaded by gangs and stripped of godly leadership. 

Current events are not happening just because there are rich or powerful people in this world and our country, but rather too many of "We, the People" won't be bothered to get involved and get their hands dirty with running our Nation in a way prescribed by our Constitution. IF citizens REALLY want domestic tranquility and security, then we ALL need to get busy supporting and defending ourselves and our communities, rather than waiting for government to do it for us. Government is there for the times that all else fails to work, not as the front line in our jobs, social interests, or relief programs. This Nation was not written into existence to be a socialistic nor communistic organ, not built to coordinate the people through massive and expensive programs that suck the life out of our society or lead people into immoral or financial destruction. Our Nation is supposed to use the Constitution and our other Founding Documents as our guide and conscience before God, not in exclusion of God. Anyone reading those Documents honestly can see that.

To the degree that we are slothful or neglectful of any of our constitutional duties, we, citizens, ALL need to get busy doing our duty. Our nation is ONLY as safe or secure as the degree to which we, our citizens, are willing to shoulder our responsibilities and lay down our lives in support and defense of our Nation and each other. Let us therefore exercise our individual wills and choose to activate ourselves in constitutional service, that all of us might benefit and strengthen our "One Nation under God", before it wholly collapses. Too many would like to see our destruction. By the grace of God and our adherence to our God-given Constitution, together, we can restore our Nation!

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