Saturday, July 18, 2015

Where's All the Liberal Outrage About Woman Killed for $85?

It's been a couple of years... and not many folks want to hear old stuff, like the lessons of history... but, here it is...

Three men attacked, robbed, and killed Jacqueline Gardner for a lousy $85.00 in tip money. Those crimes are selfish and HATEFUL! Was their attack, robbery, and murder of Ms. Gardner discussed as a hate crime in the popular media? You tell me! The media sure made a 'race & hate' circus out of the Michael Brown case, even though he was the perp going out of his way to make trouble. The pop media sure had a lot of teary-eyed sympathy for Brown. But, in the Gardner case, where is all the Liberal media's supposed love of their fellow human beings? Where is their compassion and understanding for the victim Gardner? To this blogger, it seems that perps can't get much more hateful than to attack, rob, and murder a hard working waitress, and mother, for chump change. Their attack would not have been justified even if she had had $100,000 on her. The perps disrespected her, attacked her, robbed her, and killed her. That is the consummation of the definition of hate.

So the perps got caught and convicted. They should be executed... not just because she's dead, but so that they do not get the chance to go do those things to anyone else, ever again. They have already forfeited their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, by virtue of their violations of Gardner's rights. 

Where is the Liberal cry in Gardner's defense and for her rights? Where is the Liberal cry for "race and hate crime" justice, to right the wrongs against her and her family? The Liberal establishment and media show themselves to be fools for their own "Cool-aide", but short on decency and justice for the true victims of true crime. Where is their "liberal" support and consolation for Jacqueline's family? Where is their "liberal" demand for justice and equality under the law? Where was the focus of all the Liberal hype when those three thugs hatefully deprived Jacqueline Gardner of her life and civil rights? 

The attackers' crimes against Gardner and her family were filled with hate, because God says that attacking, robbing, and murdering someone in premeditated cold-blood is hateful. Therefore, their actions were hate crimes: they loved their own miserable selves enough to execute their plan, proving that they despised her to death. Though the Liberal media is quick to slap the 'hate crime' label on things that don't mesh with their "politically correct" agenda, the Liberal media has been complicit with Gardner's attackers in that it has NOT properly addressed the hatefulness of the perps' crimes against Ms. Gardner.

In virtually every practical respect, the Liberal media has been functionally and morally silent about the murder of Jacqueline Gardner, especially in proportion to the insane amount of verbiage that they spewed out in these last two years about Michael Brown, Al Sharpton, and their lust to praise Obama for his fancy pandering speeches. 

It has only been the efforts of conservative press and alternate media that have shown a more appropriate interest and respect for the violation and execution of Ms. Gardner's life. The Liberal media seem to love criminal perps more than they care about the murder of law-abiding citizens. Where is their concern about the impact of Gardner's death on her family that she leaves behind?

The rest of us, in North and South America, alike, need to get our attitudes and lives in order with God, and we need to start arming and protecting ourselves and our families against the likes of those who attacked, robbed, and killed Jacqueline Gardner. Get ready! Be prepared for when perps like that come for you or your loved ones, or seek to disrupt your neighborhood.

Don't let the perps, the government, or the pop media abuse, marginalize, kill, or dismiss you or your loved ones as they have done with Ms. Gardner. "Remember Jacqueline Gardner!" should become a battle-cry among those who seek to fix all that is wrong with our nation. Shoulder your God-given responsibilities and stand up against evil!

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