Saturday, August 15, 2015

CURE To Hold DC Summit Alleging Perp Fraud During Ferguson Protests

The following is an EXACT copy/paste of an email sent to me by CURE's Star Parker, in which she alleges that CURE has documented serious fraud and Leftist activity during the Ferguson protests. Following such disruptive activities in Ferguson, Baltimore, and then back in Ferguson, AGAIN, it behooves all of us to keep a watchful eye peeled for any signs of similar disruptions in cities near us.



Friend --
This is big.
A couple of days ago, CURE was literally in the middle of the Ferguson protests and what we discovered will shock you! I know because it shocked me.
From the "hands-up, don't shoot" slogan to the protests, they are built entirely on lies.
Backed by hundreds of millions of dollars from billionaires such as George Soros,  the entire Leftist movement is astro-turfed. It is built on fake grass roots. No one can say this besides CURE who dared to go to the center of the protests in Ferguson where even the media would not go!
That's why we need to spread what we learned far and wide.
In one month, CURE will hold a major policy summit in Washington, DC for black pastors. We will expose the Leftist strategies that we discovered in Ferguson. We will teach black pastors how to recognize the lies and fight back to protect their communities from the Left!
Friend, CURE discovered the leaders of the Ferguson protest movement are not even from Ferguson! They are from Minnesota and are part of George Soros' umbrella of fake organizations that burn down cities and lives. Ferguson is part of a major propaganda effort to spread lies about America and gain power for the Left.
But, like the hidden videos from Planned Parenthood that discovered the abortion giant is selling baby body parts, do NOT expect the media to investigate these facts. That's because they are a part of the leftist lie!
That's why it is only up to us to expose these liars!
The people of Ferguson want to heal but their grievances have been hijacked by the Left! Our pastors are key to ending the lies because we saw the power they had in Charleston, South Carolina.
When a young, white racist entered a black church and killed congregants as they sat in the pews, it was the pastors who led that city. And what we saw in Charleston was forgiveness, prayer and hope for a better country, not hate and protests. The media was disappointed. And I guarantee leftists cried over a lost opportunity to spread their propaganda.
Let's liberate Americans from the Left and protect our freedom by sponsoring CURE's major policy summit in Washington, DC on September 14-16.
I told you this was big.
Your foot-soldier for freedom,

Star Parker

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