Wednesday, August 5, 2015

So... Who Just Pulled Into YOUR Driveway?

Here we go, again, folks... the splatter of the evidence on the wall. It's not just internet nuts, like me, talking about this, but the pop news services are also carrying this story: car loads of what the FBI calls "middle eastern men" are evidently canvassing and/or harassing military families in the West.

So, all you anti-gun people out there, who are you going to call and complain to if or when those unsavory characters get to YOUR door before the police even find out that the rascals are in town? That has been the track record of the perpetrators of those reported incidents. Get in and get out before the cops know you're in town.

That brings me right into another point that has irked me lately. People who hate guns say that they want the police (who have guns) to protect them from evildoers. But, the anti-gun people prove their hypocrisy by demanding that armed police run to their rescue! In one local town, here in Connecticut, that hypocrisy has taken on an even more pronounced character, as there is a huge flap going on about whether even a State Police firearms training range should be allowed to be built locally. 

Let's break this down into bite size bits. The people who hate guns and gun ranges want armed police to protect them from evil. BUT, the people who hate guns and gun ranges, and who still want armed police protection, do not want the police to have a place to practice firearms proficiency anywhere near to the anti-gunners. 

Why, then, do people from the anti-gun crowd even bother to demand that armed police be available to save their bacon? Because the anti-gunners demand police protection, it makes absolutely no sense that the anti-gun crowd wants their police to NOT be proficient in the arms that the police may need to protect the anti-gunners. Any logical person who might want police protection should eagerly welcome a police training range near to them, as those officers at the range would be the most practiced and proficient at responding to crises that might demand an armed or deadly intervention.

Armed and untrained is not safe. Unarmed and dealing with evil is not safe. The anti-gunners' attitudes of, "we hate guns, but we want the police to be good at using their firearms to protect us,... BUT,... we don't want them to train anywhere near us..." is a slap in the face of every police officer on whom the anti-gunners call and depend. Such is the illogical and massive hypocrisy on the part of the anti-gun people.

As a rational human being, IF I call for a police officer, I expect her/him to be armed AND proficient with her/his firearms, in case deadly force is required to assist me. Furthermore, I welcome the training of police officers, including in my locale, so that they all can become proficient with the weapons they carry. A well-trained officer is a safer officer, because he/she is far less likely to falter or misjudge situations, when under pressure. Those who know their equipment and tools are more relaxed and confident in how to use their equipment and tools, and that includes firearms.

If people don't want police to train near them, then they do not want trained police. What, then, is the point of calling the police to have an armed officer, or any officer, report to one's place of distress? An unarmed or poorly trained officer may just as well show up with paper and crayons to draw or take notes about whatever disaster has befallen the caller. 

Get yourself, your family, and your police trained. Get armed and stay armed. Be prepared to stop the threat of the evil that lashes out at people every day. That is our civic and moral duty as human beings.

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