Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Veteran Threatened by VA Bureaucracy

When bureaucrats send out their messages, letters, and edicts from their safe offices, they often have NO CLUE what they are doing in reality. They may be following their rules, but they have NO idea what they are doing according to our Constitution. Sadly, some within the Veterans Administration continue to prove that our federal government has little or no interest in preserving our Rights or our Constitution.

The information and situation in the following link are CRITICAL to our understanding of the extent to which our government's agents and agencies are working, step by slippery step, toward total despotism and total denial of our natural and constitutional rights.


As a citizen of these United States of America, and as a U.S. combat veteran, I salute and honor all the citizens and active duty military and law enforcement officers who love and respect our Constitution and are working hard to resist the infringements of governmental bureaucracy. 

I salute all who continue to support and defend our Constitution and the Rights of the veteran in question. By fighting for the Rights of one veteran, those who honor, respect, support, and defend our Constitution's Bill of Rights continue to fight for all of us.

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