Thursday, August 27, 2015

Let God Change Your INTERIOR! Exterior Paint Only Fools People

This is NOT complicated. Whether people put a new coat of paint onto something with great care or just do a sloppy job, they are only altering what the human eye can see, AND, they are NOT changing anything about the nature of the item that is being painted. Likewise, when people make outward changes in their lives without ever getting their souls right with God, then they haven't changed anything other than their exteriors. God sees the inside and what we are really like. INSIDE is where He wants the change to begin to occur in us. That internal, spiritual alteration of our hearts and minds is NOT something that we can do on our own, without Him, His Word (the Bible), His Christ, and His Holy Spirit. He talks to us plainly in the Bible's Book of Romans about our past decisions that have led to our failures and sufferings, and about decisions we can make by which we can improve our future.

Sadly, not everyone seems to want to love or walk with God. Even among those of us who trust Him, our own flesh rebels against Him. Yet, with His great patience, He repeatedly calls all of us to return to Him, some for a long time and some for a short time. He knows what we shall choose, and warns us of the payday that awaits all unrepentant souls. Among the multiple hundreds of Bible references dealing with humanity's need to repent, Jeremiah 5 is a prime example of God trying to urge people to return to Him and His ways.

In Jeremiah 5, God specifically called ancient Israel to repent or suffer the consequences, not just for their benefit, but also as an example to all of us. When will we, and those around us, heed God's warnings about our personal and collective sin, and choose to repent of our evils? As long as we fail to turn in "repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ", then, we have no grounds to complain about any evil that comes to us in life.

Jesus summed up our lives and God's calling, very clearly, in Matthew 6 and John 3. As you can see for yourself, in those passages, if we are not born of His Spirit and walking in His ways, then we are NOT pleasing God. Treat yourself to God's way of doing things, by asking Him for His new life, new purpose, new peace, and new hope.

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