Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hey U.S.A.! Stop the Bullies from Tearing Up Your Bill of Rights!

All too easily the public lets popular media continue to stir a hornet's nest of nastiness, about whether the Confederate Flag can or should be made, bought, sold, or displayed within these United States of America. Here's a sample Google search on the topic of banning that flag:

First of all, I do not condone slavery and never have, and I think racial bigotry is an ignorant position to cling to, especially when God's Word and Spirit point, clearly, in the opposite direction. Don't argue about it. Go read the Bible and see for yourself. God is going to hold all of us accountable for what we do with His Word, anyway, so we may as well read it and see what He has to say.

I understand that far too often hateful, or fearful, or emotionally and politically motivated people jump into the middle of issues that they have never personally researched or studied to any significant degree. Leading with their opinionated preferences and emotions, ignoring facts, they fail to meet any responsible standard of reason, but rather they seek to satisfy their earthly lust, fears, and fantasies. I know that saying these things will anger and frustrate a lot of people, but people have to get their heads out of the sand and start waking up to reality. Nap time is over, America. It's past time to stop drinking the power-mongers' cool-aid!

During the formation of our Nation, our Founders made a lot of arguments for personal accountability and liberty, based on personal moral responsibility before God. They put the best of them on paper, and then SIGNED those statements and principles, in unanimous approval, resulting in our Constitution. Later they added its first ten amendments that we now call our Bill of Rights, because they saw and knew that we would face a battle with big government, even as every culture and society has faced that challenge. We must remember that our Constitution, ALL OF IT, was AGREED TO AND RATIFIED BY EVERY STATE that has ever joined itself to these United States of America. There were NEVER any provisions for States, or citizens, or agents of government, to usurp or alter our Constitution or Bill of Rights without there, first, being a Constitutional Convention. Yet, citizens, as well as government officials and agencies continually break and spurn our Constitution. Despite those attacks on it, the Principles on which it was made still stand, inviolable as God's Word itself, for they state true and godly objectives for human society, even though those in power do not wish to abide by Constitutional Principles.

Given our Bill of Rights, Freedom of Speech is STILL one of our Rights and Responsibilities as U.S. citizens. There is NO RATIONAL REASON, nor is there any just cause, for any civil group, governmental agent or agency to ban the production or use of the Confederate flag, particularly as it is a poignant reminder of the past sins of our Nation.

As with the anti-gun crowd wishfully thinking that it can stop criminal violence by removing constitutionally guaranteed firearms from the ownership and use of lawful U.S. citizens, the anti-speech, "politically correct" crowd is bullying everyone around them trying to force people to stop thinking sinful thoughts, thinking that the banning of a flag will change people for the better. That is like telling sober drivers that they cannot drive because drunks get into trouble when the drunks get behind the steering wheel of vehicles. Totally mindless is the means of action chosen by gun controllers and these who would ban the Confederate flag.

Have the anti-gun, anti-speech bullies not read the words of God, the words of our Founders, the words of people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and many more historians and philosophers down through the ages? Let's do our own homework on this, folks! The annals of history are loaded with wise sayings that have stood the test of time in their bold declarations against all bullies, tyrants, sycophants, and sniveling power seekers. A peek at these truths is found in a quote from the Roman, Tacitus (55-120 AD): "The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws." 

Folks! "We, the People", our government, and its officials, are drowning in laws and legalisms, and yet we are extremely short on moral backbone and spiritual restraint of ourselves and our institutions.

The Confederate flag may have special meaning for many, and no meaning for some. Some may still hope that "the South" shall rise again. Some may still hate that slavery was one of the South's means to power and wealth. But, how many lovers or haters of the Confederate flag have watched Ken Burns' documentary about the agonies that our Nation endured during the Civil War, or War of Northern Aggression, depending with whom one speaks? No matter what one wishes had happened or not happened, no matter what one wants to happen in the future, the Confederate flag is STILL a vital part of our national heritage and, as such, should never be forgotten nor banned. If we ban or forget THAT flag, as is now being sought by certain political and legal drummers, then how long will it be before the tyranny of politics and convenience shall drive our Nation into civil war and slavery, yet again?

SURPRISE! Most of us are already slaves to our government for at least six months of each year, until we've earned enough money to pay the next year's taxes, for a top-heavy government that does not listen to us, nor obey us, and which spends our earnings on many many things of which we do not approve! THIS IS NOT the America that our Forefathers wanted for us!

Banning guns, banning flags, banning books, banning free speech, banning free press, what will those who are hungry for power seek to ban next? One ban or another they will settle on something that YOU love and cherish, for that is how despots like Hitler, Stalin, and others rose to power. They squeeze people into ghettos and tell them to count their blessings. If we do not stop the infringements against our Rights, and the unconstitutional bans of things that others love and cherish, then we shall have no complaint due on our behalf when the oppressors come to our door, also. As the saying goes, "Freedom isn't free!"

Do NOT think for a moment that the world is not taking notice and cheering harshly at our internal strife and bickering. Even Al Jazeera is following this divisive story. THAT is how important our domestic squabbling and bickering is to nations overseas. They seek our swift destruction and seek the means to accomplish it. Be assured that our international and religious enemies seek ways to prod us into self-destruction, and many of our recent presidents and governments have accommodated our enemies, despite what plays in the popular media. Look at how easily F.D.R. introduced Socialism and Socialistic programs into this Nation, back in the 1930s, or how the sitting U.S. President guts our military of highly qualified leadership, and how he turns a blind eye to those who attack our Constitution, even attacking and despising it himself.

Do NOT think for a moment that banning the Confederate flag will solve anything beyond establishing that the government, its cronies, and its agents are too big for their britches, too powerful, too invasive of the Rights and Responsibilities of "We, the People"!

THAT raises yet another question that pokes the heart of our Nation: WHERE ARE "WE, THE PEOPLE", in all this mayhem? WHY ARE WE TOLERATING THE USURPATION OF OUR RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES, BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT?! Be assured, if it were possible, our Founders would be turning over in their graves, roaring in indignation at the modern atrocities committed by citizens and government, alike, against our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

Repent America! The Confederate flag is NOT our problem! The sins of our citizens and our government are the problem!

The destruction and rewriting of history starts with the denial and elimination of the appropriate historicity of people and symbols that presently occupy the historical space in which undesirable elements wish to antithetically established their own ideas, and bolster their objectives. Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Minister understood these things all too well, and put them to expeditious use during his reign under Hitler. At the present escalating rate of internal attacks against our Nation's Foundations and Founding Principles, we can foresee that it may not be very long before the United States of America has been turned into the United States of United Nations, bowing under a blue flag in New York, instead of standing up for the Stars and Stripes of our Forefathers in Washington, D.C. 

How long will the citizens of these United States of America continue to give away our heritage to those who lust for money, power, and to subdue the vast majority of law-abiding citizens of this Nation? If the ban on the Confederate flag continues to gain momentum, with public approval, it shall not be long before the very Stars and Stripes are also banned, along with every Right for which our citizens and military have fought for hundreds of years.

I have every intention to resist giving any kind of comfort or aid to any persons or agents of the government who make themselves enemies of God's Bible, our U.S. Constitution, or our Bill of Rights. As the famous saying goes, "United we stand. Divided we fall." Therefore, let us all stand in support and defense of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, laying aside all petty differences and opinions. God gave us this land to build a better society, that we might show forth our self-sacrificing love and respect for Him and each other. 

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