Friday, June 19, 2015

USCCA: Critical Response Team: Helping America's Responsible Gun Owners!

This is the week of June 19, 2015.
I don't know how long the following USCCA offer will be in effect.

I've been a member of USCCA for a while.  I hope that I am never forced to defend myself, or others, with my weapons. Yet, if I were forced into such a defensive position, that would mean needing to rely on USCCA's Critical Response Team and their legal defense backup system. Although I never want to be forced into such a predicament, I know and trust that USCCA has my back.

As a combat seasoned, Viet Nam War, Army aviation, gunship crewchief, I fully appreciate that USCCA "has my six"! As a USCCA member I can breathe easier, knowing that USCCA is going to help guard my flank from getting blind-sided by those who have no respect for our Constitution and from those who would abuse our legal system simply for personal gain. 

Thank you, Tim! I can only say good things regarding USCCA's attentiveness to member ideas and suggestions, the overall positive attitude, and the wealth of valuable information and training that USCCA offers to members. USCCA has helped me to clear my head about legalistic what-ifs, helped me focus on sharpening my situational awareness and skills, and helped me gain a new confidence about what it means to be a constitutionally-minded, responsible gun owner. Thanks for all the encouragements to do the right thing to stop evil's violent threats against me and my family! (see the USCCA offer after the break)

As Tim comments in the video, WAY TOO MANY U.S. citizens are deluded into thinking that it is the responsibility of citizens to wait for police to arrive whenever violence, or the threat of violence, erupts around them. Constitutionally speaking, that could not be farther from the truth. As Tim cites in the video, "When seconds count, the police are usually minutes away." 

Let me make one thing VERY clear: Citizens who prepare and are willing to defend themselves and their loved ones against evil are vigilant, BUT they are NOT vigilantes, in the modern sense of the word. Responsible guy owners do NOT go out seeking trouble, but prepare themselves for the eventuality of when evil seeks to do them or their loved ones harm. THAT is our only intent: to deal with trouble when and if it comes to us.
To help prepare and defend yourself and your family, more completely, and with greater peace of mind, check out this new coverage program offer from USCCA!! Tim has brought this to a truly affordable level for virtually every responsible gun-owning American! Be patient, as it’s a long video, but it’s well worth watching. He makes some excellent points about things we can do to protect ourselves and our families while we are in the process of protecting ourselves and our families.
(Please note that Bonus Offers are incentives for new members.)

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