Monday, June 1, 2015

More Foolish CT Liberal Tax & Spend

Posting from the lunch counter at Chelle's Diner in Stafford Springs, CT. 

I couldn't resist responding to today's Hartford Courant headline.

Here's the Connecticut liberals' latest financial solution to CT's problems, the gospel of take money from anyone you can and continue the cycle of excessive spending, handouts, and increasing poverty, according to the tax plan wishes of Governor Malloy and his cronies. The liberals don't like living on a budget like the rest of us. They love taxing the daylights out of people who are already going broke. 

Wake up, Connecticut! The liberal tax-spend plan is strangling us to death! We have to stop them before they totally ruin us, our families, and our state. NO MORE TAXES!! It's time for cutbacks on taxes and fresh air for taxpayers.

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