Saturday, June 27, 2015

High Court Majority: Sycophants To President's Attacks On Constitution

Some may see my inclusion of the following material as an affront to ‘good taste’, because of one four letter word therein. Let me be plain. There are times in life when simple, earthy, Anglo-Saxon language fits the tenor of the disgusting or unholy nature of what provoked the remark.This week's decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court are immoral, ungodly, and unconstitutional. The members of the Court are supposed to lead in truth, but their unholy Majority behavior is the opposite of truth.

While the Supreme Court is expediting the President’s sinking of the ship of our Nation into the depths of history, yet, there are still a few souls bent on trying to waken the rest of us, to take defensive action against evil, before we allow the destroyers to sink and drown us all.

IMMEDIATELY, we HAVE TO stop milling around like angry, confused ants, and set ourselves to the formidable task of stopping the degradation of our system of law and our Constitution. GET INVOLVED! Citizens must STOP sitting on the sidelines allowing others to destroy this Nation. If we are not an active part of fixing this Nation, returning it to its biblical roots, principles, and Founding Documents then we are passively contributing to our own destruction! 

The destroyers love it when people sit back, throw up their hands, quit, or sit around griping and complaining without doing anything constructive to resist evil! Evildoers win, if we quit or don't apply ourselves to the work of saving this Nation! By God's grace, I am NOT going to quit fighting the anti-rights, anti-God, anti-Constitution ways that some people or agencies want to do things in our Nation. As long as the Lord Jesus Christ helps me, I'm planning on staying in this battle.

I challenge each and every person in these United States of America to STOP WHINING about all the bad stuff and to START being DOERS OF THE WORK that needs to be done to save it! Oh, the work definitely has its price and toll on each of us. But, the rewards for supporting and defending the Principles of the Bible and our Constitution are primarily that each of us who does continue to support and defend the Bible and our Constitution, in a godly manner, does so with a clean conscience before God and before our fellow citizens. It's the right thing to do! Do it!

There is no person or citizen in this Nation who cannot effect SOME kind of positive change, right where each of us live, and work, and play, and worship. Each and every positive thing that we do, that is biblically and constitutionally good and right, is going to help us fight for saving this Nation from those who seek its destruction. 

Their war was already here, set against us, our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights, and has been for years. We, who care about godly Principles, are NOT going to win this war to save the U.S.A., UNLESS EACH OF US gets off our rear ends and gets into this fight. This is NOT the time in U.S. history for cowards or selfish people. Our present government is happy to let you be fearful, depressed, lazy, lustful, immoral, or any other unholy thing that you want to be, just as long as you bow to them, vote for them, pat them on the back, or keep your mouth shut... just keep paying their salaries.

Government and power-mongers are trying to enslave and break the rest of us, to subjugate us, our freedoms, and our free wills, to their bidding. Action after action by this sitting president, in particular, has raped us economically, constitutionally, morally, spiritually, and militarily, attacking our lives, in violation of the limits and mandates of God's Bible and our Constitution. Yet, again, the Supreme Court has hopped into this President's pirate boat and now shoots at us, too.

The following political cartoon should NOT have shown an iceberg sinking the Supreme Court Building, but rather the cartoonist should have put Obama and the Supreme Court Majority into a boat that was violently attacking the USS Constitution, like the bunch of pirates that they all are.

The following material was forwarded to me, from the website noted therein:


Roberts Rules of Disorder

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Guess who ELSE is sunk now, too?

In a puckish twist of fate,   Hope n' Change  was preparing for our Friday morning colonoscopy when we got the word of the   Supreme Court's insane ruling in support of Obamacare subsidies. The   good  news is that we no longer need to chug a couple of gallons of laxatives because we just shit ourselves.

Normally, we'd apologize for using that expletive - but according to dissenting Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in reference to the majority's bizarre ruling, " words no longer have a meaning."

And Chief Justice John Roberts (who at this point should be credited as the co-author of Obamacare along with Jonathan "the voters are stupid" Gruber) apparently agrees, saying "in this instance, the context and structure of the act   compel us to depart from what would otherwise be the most natural reading  of the pertinent statutory phrase."

But what context and structure is he referring to which compels a departure from reality?

According to Roberts, "Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to   improve  health insurance markets, not to   destroy  them. If at all possible, we must interpret the act in a way that is consistent with the former, and avoids the latter."

So Roberts is again violating his duties by ruling on what he believes the   intent  was when   one political party unilaterally passed an act they hadn't bothered to read.  And in coming to his conclusion, Roberts has had to ignore Jonathan Gruber's plainspoken admissions that the Act was written to   deliberately punish states which did not establish their own healthcare exchanges.  The "pertinent statutory phrase" was clear, deliberate, and the exact opposite of what Roberts is now saying.

But let's go a step further. Contrary to Roberts' opinion, the Affordable Care Act   was  written to destroy health insurance markets, so that when the full implementation of Obamacare fails (as it is already doing), no market solution will exist on which to fall back. The   only  choice will be single-payer socialized medicine, which has always been the goal of Obama and his minions - not to improve healthcare, but to solidify absolute control over our lives.

This is a sad day for any Americans who still looked to the Supreme Court as a possible counterbalance to the wild excesses of the Executive branch of government. That ship has clearly sailed and, with the mournful strains of "Nearer My God To Thee" echoing in the darkness, sunk from sight.

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