Friday, February 12, 2016

Are You Afraid or Offended About Jesus Christ? You Fear the Wrong Things

Are you afraid to share the good news about Jesus Christ? Or, are you offended by those who share the gospel of Jesus Christ in your community? Does it bother you when a pastor, a neighbor, a family member, a fellow worker, or a stranger vigorously tries to talk with you about our urgent need to repent and trust Jesus Christ before it's too late?

My friend, if the, above, gentle calls to the truth of God and His ways bother you, just wait till you're surrounded by the false and violent religion of those who practice Hijra, Sharia, and Jihad. If you are offended NOW, wait until invading Islam forces itself on you, your life, and your family.

Most people in these United States of America are clueless about the extent to which Islam and our own government have already gone to instill and cultivate Islam in our Nation. The forces of Islam are building and consolidating all around us, AND they are starting to turn up the religious pressure on communities into which their activists are settling.

Your tax dollars and mine are paying for this invasion! Our own government is aiding and abetting those who invade us, while our government bleeds our own citizens and destroys our constitutional rights.

Only an active, biblical, Evangelical faith in the LORD Jesus Christ will help you to face the truth and reality of what is here already, and to face what is coming. Our government has undermined biblical Christian faith and betrayed it through its marginalization of Bible believing Christians. Our government's immigration program failures have accelerated Islam's impact, as pointedly exemplified by what happened in the 9/11 attacks and in San Bernardino. I urge you to return to the true Christ and faith of the Bible, lest you find yourself bowing to Islam to try to save your head.

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