Friday, February 12, 2016

Lax Obama Immigration Policy Invites ISIS "Furniture Delivery"

Immigration policy is being beaten to a pulp in certain election year circles, BUT, is anyone really paying attention to what is REALLY HAPPENING as refugees and alleged refugees migrate from one nation to another? Is anyone in our country paying attention, even though Obama ordered our ICE agents to stand down. Obama's lackadaisical attitude regarding immigration threatens our Nation, and promotes incidents such as what happened in San Bernardino.

In contrast to Obama's immigration policy failures (which are successes for terrorists), the nation of Greece seems to be paying diligent attention to the refugee situation. How many U.S. citizens got the whole story when Greece was reported to have impounded over 50 TONS of ISIS-linked firearms that were marked as "furniture and refugee relief supplies", earmarked for Syrian refugees. Is THAT 50+ tons of ISIS-linked arms the kind of refugee support what we want to see surreptitiously delivered to ISIS sympathizers here in these United States of America?

The reader has to dig fairly deep in the associated links before one is able to find actual confirmation of how that shipment was labeled, and that it was purportedly going to Syrian refugees, but the substantiating evidence appears to be there. All U.S. citizens, and every responsible leader in our communities, need to be asking ourselves this question. How many more of these "refugee relief" deliveries are ISIS and other terrorist groups sending around the world to support the Islamic jihad that seeks to eliminate, by violence, all other faiths and all other cultures?

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