Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ever Wonder Why Abortion Supporters Hate God's Word?

When people reject what God says, in favor of their own sense of righteousness, they demonstrate that they really hate God, His Word (the Bible), and His commands to us. God says that people show their hate toward Him when they love and side with the world, instead of agreeing with and obeying Him and His Word.

People who favor abortion, or any sin, put those things above or in front of God. By their actions, they refuse to accept that, God says,
1. His Word is true and forever;
2. There are those who corrupt His Word;
3. He alone creates us;
4. He alone gives us our spirit of life;
5. He alone knows who we are before He creates us in our mother's wombs, AND He knows our mission in life, i.e. who we will turn out to be;
6. He has very specific standards for humanity, that include NOT sacrificing our children, whether to idols or the false god of our own convenience;
7. He holds everyone accountable who violates His Word and His Law.

No wonder that abortionists, abortion supporters, and others who don't want to be accountable, prefer relativism instead of God's absolutes and standards.

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