Friday, February 26, 2016

Protect Your Reputation Against Bad Internet Info!

Since the Clinton years, when the internet started its massive growth surge, there have been billions of false stories and innuendo passed around. Some people seem to have nothing to do with themselves, but to generate or reissue garbage onto the internet. By garbage, I mean things that are either deliberately false or malicious or inadvertently false because the perpetrator and those who pass along the false information do so without ever trying to fact-check what they are sharing.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK! CHECK EVERYTHING that looks even the least bit suspicious. If you think THAT is hard, wait until you pass along things that damage your relationships and your reputation. Wait until you fail to investigate the malware that ends up costing you your identity and reputation.

It is EASY to start fact-checking what people send to you! Whatever search engine you favor, USE IT! Type "urban legends" in the search box, and include whatever topic you suspect of being bogus. It would look like this, "urban legends pick your suspect topic". Don't include the quotation marks themselves. I have even done searches like this on Google, "urban legends copy/paste a sentence or paragraph of text from some suspect document or forwarded email".

Here's a link for that last type of search, in which I typed in "urban legends" and then copy/pasted a paragraph out of an internet post. If you are interested at all in truth, this technique will help you preserve your identity, your honor, and your reputation.

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