Thursday, February 25, 2016

Letter to CT Legislature: Due Process is Our Right: 2016.02.25

Letter sent to all Connecticut State Legislators, 2016/02/25:

To my elected fellow citizens, servants of the People of Connecticut, in our State House and Senate,

It is with all due respect to your office, and our accountability before Almighty God, that I ask you to prayerfully consider my following comments.

Please work to ensure that NO legislation passes the Connecticut Legislature, that in any way infringes on our constitutional rights, including our constitutionally guaranteed right to due process of law.

Our State and Federal Constitutions mandate that there can be no search, seizure, imprisonment, forfeiture, or penalty without due process of law in which an accused lawful citizen has the right to face her/his accusers and, with legal representation, be heard in open court. That is what our State and Federal Constitutions say, even though there are many legal and quasi-legal attempts to circumvent those truths. Without constitutional due process of law, no one in our society has any rights.

I specifically ask you to defeat all attempts to pass legislation that approximates the lack of due process that is exhibited in CT HB5054. The fears of a few do not justify the violation of the rights of the many.

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