Friday, February 26, 2016

Use It or Lose It: Our U.S. Bill of Rights

In certain circles the expression, "Use it, or lose it.", is still in use and favor, but not in "politically correct" circles where almost everything is banned (except that it's OK for them to hate Conservatives, Bible believers, law-abiding citizen firearms owners, and Constitutionalists). In too many places and venues around these United States of America it has become inconvenient or even considered wrong to admonish or encourage other people to get off their rear ends and do what is right.

Too many times, the "politically correct" rant their relativistic mantras and say that there are no absolute standards in life. They have waged a war against God and His Word. Yet, in their zeal and ignorance, the "politically correct" do not understand that they have already lost that war, because God says that there really are Absolutes, that good and evil really do exist according to His Standards. God, His Word, and our consciences, tell us to do what is morally and spiritually right. And, as the Bible affirms that Principle and our duties therein, likewise, our Constitution says that, for this society to work, EVERY citizen needs to be busy exercising our constitutional rights AND shouldering our constitutional responsibilities.

Whether some people like it or not, "Use it or lose it.", has always been one of God's admonishments to people everywhere, at least with regard to the good things and the missions which He gives to us. The first few verses of Jeremiah 49 are a slightly cryptic example of this principle, wherein God tells the Ammonites that their security is a false security in which they believe that the Jews will never displace them. But God assures the Ammonites that He will return the Jews to that land. Likewise, Jesus spoke boldly of God's call for everyone to repent and be ready for His return, as well as speaking of the talents God gives to people to use on their Master's behalf.

As one carefully reads our Founding Documents, one sees that our Founders had no problem acknowledging God and His handiwork in the formation of our Nation and its Founding Principles. Therefore, our God-given Constitution and Bill of Rights are no different from the biblical examples noted above, in that our Constitution and Bill of Rights are calls to freedom, duty, and responsibility. If we, the citizens of these United States of America, fail to accept, possess, support, defend, and abide by each and every bit of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights as they are formulated and stated in word and principle, then we shall continue to see those august Standards diminished and destroyed by the powers of evil that seek their own ungodly and unconstitutional ends.

Therefore, let's get busy, today, and every day of our lives, working to stop the destruction of our Constitution, our Rights, and our biblically and constitutionally based way of life. C'mon folks! Let's use all of it, before we lose all of it!

I salute THE Greatest Founder and His Greatest Plan. I bless Him for our Constitution and our Bill of Rights and all that comes with those Rights and Responsibilities.

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